Congratulations, 2011 CGC Registry Award Winners

Posted by Collectors Society on 7/22/2011

We would like to thank all of the participants in the CGC Registry, and congratulate everyone on their individual accomplishments in every set.

The CGC Registry has grown to over 30,000 registered sets in more than 2,100 set types. Requests for new set types continue to come in and we look forward to watching the progress made by collectors as new books are added each day.

Our Mission was to choose three sets each in six competitive categories, Best Golden Age, Best Silver Age, Best Bronze Age, Best Modern Age, Best Presented and, new to the awards this year, Best Copper Age. Additionally, we had the task of choosing one winner for Best Magazine set, three outstanding message board contributors and just one registry participant for Overall Achievement in Comics Collecting.

Our team of judges reviewed all of the top sets across every category in the Comics Registry and after much deliberation, selected the following winners. Congratulations to all!

CGC 2011 Award for Achievement in Collecting Comics

CGC is proud to award the 2011 Achievement in Collecting Comics to cheetah! Second in Overall Points, cheetah holds ninety-six first place registry sets and is first in overall comic count. Recently cheetah has begun to expand his collecting into the Golden Age and his enthusiasm for his new focus is clear. When he starts collecting a title, cheetah won’t stop until the run is complete. That passion and drive make him suited for the 2011 Achievement in Collecting Comics Award! Congratulations cheetah!   cheetah’s homepage

Best Golden Age Sets

hkp   What the Church run might have looked like? - Mickey Mouse Magazine
This set sports books from 1935 and 1936 in 9.0. Wow. The books in this amazing set are often the highest graded copy. The collection runs the gauntlet from 9.6 to 4.5 (from 1935) and we are only now seeing them come out of the woodwork and become certified. This is an impressive collection from the beginning of comics.

jaom    jaom00  -  Captain America Comics (Timely)
Five books shy of a complete set of Captain America Comics is a great accomplishment. A Captain America #2 in 4.5; a #53 in 9.0; a #71 in 8.5 are some highlights in this collection. There are restored books in this collection, grades ranging from 1.0 to 9.0; that shows a collection that will evolve over time and get better every year. And who wouldn’t love a Cap #1 in 1.0?

143ksk    Archie and the Heroes - Pep Comics #22-65
What a cool run and a fantastic group of books! This set has been worked on and tweaked since 2006 and boasts over 15 Pedigrees! Someone find this man a Pep #22!

Best Silver Age Sets

CaptainTripps   Canadian Original Owner Collection - Journey Into Mystery #83-125
Won in 2008, but since then has upgraded 10 in 9.4 to 9.6 and 14 in 9.6 to 9.8 making this highest graded set of one of the toughest Silver Age runs, even higher.

spunkydo    In Brightest Day, In Blackest Night... - Green Lantern (1960) #1-89
Though missing the #1 & #76, this run of GL so far contains only 1 in 9.0 & 2 in 9.2, with the rest in 9.4 or higher, many of which are the highest graded copies. Top it off with images galore and detailed descriptions under each one, this Silver Age run of Green Lantern is the set to impress.

Triskelion    Completely Stoned - Turok, Son of Stone (1954)
Turok?!? Does anyone know how hard these issues are to find in mid to high grade range, let alone complete an entire set of them?!?

Best Bronze Age Sets

canickus   Canickus Marvel 30 Cent Price Variants
This registry set is as rare a find as the books contained within. Canickus tells a very personal and telling story about the balance between comic collecting and responsibility. He collected comics as a child during the 70s and early 80s, but when he started a family of his own he had to put his collection on hold. It is a very noble sacrifice that he made for his loved ones. Now several years later he is able to complete many of the comic runs he had to put on hold all those years ago. 30 cent price variants are very difficult to find and especially difficult to find in high grade, but Canickus has been able to add almost all of these books to his collection. And what is even more impressive is that a good number of them are the highest graded examples on the census.

Jake Farbman  Jake's Sweetest DC Bronze Age Firsts
The self described “crown jewels” of Jake Farbman’s comic book collection began it’s formation in the year 2008. In only three short years Jake, a reader during the mid 70s to the 80s, has amassed an impressive list of comics he enjoyed during his childhood. This set contains many high graded copies of #1 Bronze DC’s and contains many of the hard to get DC promotionals that were put out during those years as well. Given three more years, with as much dedication as was shown in the first three, this set will most definitely continue to improve.

Doctor Joe    Duck Variants -  Howard the Duck w/Variants (1976)
A registry set containing one of the strangest, most interesting and arguably most important characters created during the Bronze Age of comics has never won this contest. How could we not include Howard the Duck? We celebrate him this year by recognizing one of the best registry sets dedicated to this foul fowl: Doctor Joe’s “Duck Variants”. Howard the Duck’s entire 1970’s run is present in Doctor Joe’s registry set, all in 9.8. The set also contains high graded examples of his first appearances in other books as well as some of the price variants of his regular series. A Signature Series copy of Man-Thing #1 in 9.8 (Howard’s 2nd appearance) signed by Frank Brunner (one of only two Signature Series examples of this book on the census for that grade) also has a home in this set.

Best Copper Age Sets

Barry Conner  Green Lantern (1960) #90-200
A set that spans 10 years, from 1976 to 1986, this run of Green Lantern from "Barry Conner" is bound to make any Lantern fan even greener with envy. 111 comics in total, this set consists of 4 9.6s, 104 9.8s, 2 9.9s and 1 10.0! This set is obviously a labor of love that took many years to assemble!

The Baxter Building  Make Mine Mini Marvel - Fantastic Four #232-292 (Byrne)
For 61 issues in a row, John Byrne revitalized Marvel's First Family and made The Fantastic Four the world's greatest comic magazine again! This set from "The Baxter Building" comprises every issue in that run in 9.8 condition. An impressive feat to be sure! Take a peek at his gallery and view every great cover!

JRS069   #1-80 Transformers 9.8
They may have had three recent blockbuster movies, but for many, The Transformers are an 80s staple. The cartoon, the toys...and the Marvel comic! Originally planned as a mere four-issue limited series, the comic was so popular that it was granted ongoing status, lasting for an awesome 80 issues. This winning set from "JRS069" features 78 of those issues in 9.8 condition, with the remaining 2 in 9.6. A set that's constantly being upgraded, it wouldn't be surprising to see this whole set in 9.8 within months.

Best Modern Age Sets

goonmaniac   Fly me to The Goon!
Goonmaniac has polished this collection over the past year to near perfection. This complete collection of Goon comics from different publishers and side projects settles for nothing less than a 9.8 to be included. Then factoring in 13 9.9 copies and four perfect 10 issues makes the collection really stand out. All of this plus scans and descriptions for each book.

BeachBum  Uncanny Modern Obsession w/Variants - X-Men #301-525 Including Variants
Beach Bum continues his quest to rule over the modern registry with this set of Uncanny X-Men #301-#525. This is a complete collection with most issues graded at 9.8. He has also taken the time to scan and add descriptions for many of the books. Modern age collectors should work extra hard with Beach Bum around or he might not leave any 9.8 books for the rest of us.

Ricomortis   Valiants or else  - Valiant Pre-Unity
Ricomortis has put together a great run of the pre-unity Valiant comics. This is a collection of books that were quite popular in the 1990s then began to slip into obscurity, only to recently gain a large resurgence in the collectible market. Valiant books had lower print runs than larger competitors which helps make this set, that much more impressive.

Best Presented Sets

Peter Palmer   Ninja kick the damn rabbit! - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1-62
Who doesn’t have some experience with Turtlemania? The general set description for this set includes this participant’s introduction to the Turtles and how they have been a part of his life ever since. For each book he includes the source of the book, some notes and a synopsis. He includes the front cover images for his books, but in many cases, he uses the back cover slot to display wraparound covers or original TMNT art.  Definitely a fun set to review!

NewEnglandGothic   Under Locke & Key
NewEnglandGothic has worked to present this set in a way that is both informative about the series and exhibits his personal collecting experience.  His enthusiasm and effort in putting forth a well presented set is clearly evident.

Abner   Silent Master -  G.I. Joe, A Real American Hero (1982)
This set features descriptions and pictures for every item in the set. The owner also includes an introduction that provides a little bit of everything - some history on the series, the story of how he first discovered the series and what his collecting goals are for the future. We look forward to watching him achieve those goals.

Best Magazine Set

Makmorn  Fab Frazetta -  Frank Frazetta Warren Covers
A fantastic collection showcasing some of the late, great Frank Frazetta’s most well-known and sought after covers.  With more than half of the books recorded in 9.6 or better, this set also boasts five Signature Series copies signed by the man himself, one of which is a pristine copy of the classic Creepy #9 in 9.8!  Also included in this set are superb examples of the dark covers which are generally considered more difficult to locate in high grade, including; Creepy #6 (9.4), Creepy #16 (9.6), Eerie #7 (9.8!!) and a gorgeous 9.4 copy of Frank’s classic, the beautifully rendered Eerie #23 in 9.4! For the best in sci-fi & fantasy art all you need to do is feast your eyes on this collection of Frank Frazetta’s most iconic work, accrued with great care by Makmorn.  Great job!

Best Forumites


Best in Set Type

We would also like to acknowledge the top set in each set type. See our 2011 Awards Archive page for the Best in Set Type winners. 

2011 Awards Archive

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