1941 Captain America Comics #1 Slings Record Price at Metropolis Collectibles

Posted on 8/9/2011

A copy of Captain America Comics #1 CGC 7.0 was sold through Metropolis Collectibles for a record $75,000.

“This copy came out of the Super Soldier Collection, the finest collection of Timely comics ever assembled,” said Frank Cwiklik, Director of Sales. “The price shows that Captain America has cemented its place in the pantheon of top-tier Golden Age keys.”

“There are only about 150 comics left from the collection and they are getting gobbled up quickly by ravenous Timely collectors,” said Rob Reynolds, Director of Consignments. “I encourage true collectors to take a peek and grab a book or two from the Super Soldier Collection.

The company’s sister site, ComicConnect.com, is offering a Captain America Comics #1 CGC 9.2 in its current Event Auction.

The comic features the origin and first appearance of the world’s first Avenger, Captain America. The comic also debuts his sidekick Bucky, his arch-enemy the Red Skull, and it sports one of the greatest cover images of the Golden Age, Captain America smashing Adolf Hitler squarely on the jaw.

“The buyer is one of our very best collectors and we are happy the comic is going to a great home,” said Vincent Zurzolo, COO of metropoliscomics.com, the world’s largest vintage comic book dealer. Call 212.260.4147 today or e-mail Sales Executive Frank Cwiklik at buying@metropoliscomics.com to build a world-class collection!

This is a guest article. The thoughts and opinions in this piece are those of their author and are not necessarily the thoughts of the Certified Collectibles Group.

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