Exciting Things Are Happening at All Star Auctions

Posted on 2/1/2012

All Star Auctions is starting out the year with a special event. On behalf of artist extraordinaire, Jim Steranko, they will be hosting a "Steranko Limited Event."

tycoon One of the artist's primary themes during his Marvel tour was unabashed patriotism. This presentation, with its phalanx of American heroic imagery, makes a dynamic statement as strong as any in his comics. Configured in a dramatic poster-like composition, Nick Fury, Captain America, and the nation's aristocratic symbol of freedom combine in an epic visual metaphor rippling with the essence of patriotism. Steranko's design powers have never been more impressive.

Exquisitely rendered in ink on 11 x 14" white, heavy vellum bristol stock. Signed with Steranko's iconic signature. This art is directly from Jim Steranko and all proceeds go directly to the artist. A copy of the art will be held by both the artist and Comic Art Appraisal so there will never be a question as to provenance.

Please follow the link below to our newly designed auction site where we are showcasing various brand new Sternako pieces featuring Fury, Captain America and of course, The Shadow! Some are in color and all are infused with his incredible sense of layout and design. The larger images are cover size and beyond!

For this event, there will be no buyer's premium as these are all offered at "Buy It Now" prices for a limited time.

As always, buy with confidence.


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