ComicLink Still Accepting Featured Auction Consignments

Posted on 2/1/2012

“It is not too late to get your high quality comic books and comic art placed in ComicLink’s Winter Featured Auction,” reports ComicLink Consignment Director Douglas Gillock.

The auction goes live on February 21st and the preview will continue to grow right up until the launch date. This is our very first Featured Auction of 2012 and it will spotlight nothing but material specifically selected for its superior quality and desirability. Every bidder interested in a vintage comic book or original art item will be watching it, and it is a prime venue that will give sellers maximum exposure and promotion for their best items.

To reserve auction placement in the Winter Featured Auction and other upcoming ComicLink events (the March Focused Auction is also coming up), simply email your prospective auction list, or call 617-517-0062 option 1 to speak with Douglas Gillock, Jason Crosby, Sean Goodrich, Josh Nathanson or other members of the ComicLink Team.

"Already lined up are top highlights Captain America #100 CGC 9.9 and Iron Man & Sub-Mariner #1 CGC 9.9, which are nearly unfathomable in this grade”, says ComicLink President Josh Nathanson. “Also exceptional is Showcase #22 CGC 9.0, which is the highest graded example (one of three in grade) of the first Silver Age Green Lantern, Amazing Spider-Man #2 CGC 9.6 (one of three in grade), and Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1 CGC 9.8 (also one of three in grade), which came out in the summer of 1964, when Amazing Spider-Man #13 and #14 were published. Also just in — one of the rarest of the rare — Pep Comics #22 CGC 6.5 (restored). There are many other incredible books already consigned — too many to go into detail about here — but another one that deserves a special detailed mention is the only double cover example of Incredible Hulk #181, and it is a 9.8! Original art-wise, a couple of standouts include Jack Kirby’s Avengers #3 page featuring Hulk and Sub-Mariner trying to wrestle away Thor’s hammer — as if they can hold it — as well as a great, ultra early Neal Adams Brave and the Bold #76 cover which is only the third Batman cover penciled and inked entirely by Adams. An incredible Amazing Spider-Man page from issue #34 was recently added, which is one of the best battle action pages for a Spidey villain we’ve seen. It is page two and the content rivals the splash page of that issue. We also have many other exceptional original art items within the preview and incoming – so stay tuned!."

Other top comic book offerings already posted to the preview include Action Comics #100 CGC 9.4 (single highest), Adventure Comics #299 CGC 9.8 (single highest), Amazing Fantasy #15 CGC 7.0 (first Spider-Man), Amazing Spider-Man #2 CGC 9.6 (one of only three in 9.6), Amazing Spider-Man #14 CGC 9.6 (highest, first Green Goblin), Amazing Spider-Man #39 CGC 9.8 (highest and one of four, 1st Romita issue), Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1 CGC 9.8 (highest graded and one of only three in 9.8), Adventure Comics #61 CGC 7.5 (first Starman, second highest graded), Avengers #1 CGC 9.0 (first Avengers appearance), Avengers #4 CGC 7.0 Signature Series with Stan Lee and Jack Kirby signatures, Batman #4 CGC 7.5 (third Joker, first Gotham City), Batman #6 CGC 9.0, Batman #13 CGC 9.2 (highest and one of two), Batman #32 CGC 9.6 (single highest), Best Comics #1 CGC 6.5 (single highest, first African America hero in comics), Brave and the Bold #34 CGC 9.2 (second highest, first Silver Age Hawkman), Captain America Comics #3 CGC 6.5 (first Stan Lee work in comics, classic Red Skull Schomburg cover), Captain America #100 CGC 9.9 (highest), Conan #1 CGC 9.8 (highest), Crime Does Not Pay #22 (#1) CGC 4.5 (first Crime comic), Daredevil #17 CGC 9.8 (Spider-Man appearance, highest and one of three in 9.8), Detective Comics #14 CGC 7.0 (highest), Detective Comics #33 CGC 6.5 (first Batman origin), Detective Comics #140 CGC 7.5 (first Riddler) & #142 CGC 8.0 (seconnd Riddler), Eerie Comics #1 CGC 6.0 (first Horror comic), Fantastic Four #10 CCG 9.4, Fantastic Four #25 CGC 9.4 (classic Hulk vs. Thing battle), Fantastic Four #48 CGC 9.8 (highest, first Galactus and Silver Surfer), Four Color #9 CGC 7.5 (first Carl Barks Donald Duck), Frankenstein Comics #1 CGC 7.5 and a complete Gaines File Copy run of Frontline Combat including #1 CGC 9.6 (highest).

Other highlights included are Green Lantern #1 CGC 8.0, Green Lantern #2 CGC 9.6 (single highest), Human Torch #23 CGC 9.2 (second highest, classic robot cover), Incredible Hulk #1 CGC 8.0 (first appearance of the Green Goliath), Iron Fist #14 CGC 9.2 Price Variant (second highest), Journey Into Mystery #1 CGC 7.5 (second highest), Journey Into Mystery #83 CGC 8.5 White Pages (first Thor), Journey Into Mystery #109 CGC 9.6 (highest and one of two, Magneto appears), Journey Into Mystery #112 CGC 9.6 (second highest, Hulk vs. Thor), Justice League of America #1 CGC 9.0, Justice League of America #28 CGC 9.8 (single highest), Mad #1 CGC 9.4, Marvel Super-Heroes #1 CGC 9.8 (highest one of three), Master Comics #21 CGC 5.5 (part one of Captain Marvel Jr. origin), More Fun Comics #52 CGC 7.5 MP (first Spectre), More Fun #67 CGC 9.6 Mile High (single highest), National Comics #1 CGC 6.0 Larson pedigree, New Mutants #98 CGC 9.8 Double Cover (first Deadpool), Showcase #22 CGC 9.0 (first Silver Age Green Lantern, highest and one of three), Star Wars #1 CGC 9.4 Price Variant (second highest), Strange Tales #9 CGC 9.0 Nova Scotia pedigree (single highest), Strange Tales #14 CGC 9.4 Northland pedigree (single highest), Strange Tales #80 CGC 9.2 (single highest), Superman #43 CGC 9.4 (only 9.4), Strange Tales #106 CGC 9.6 (second highest), Superman #233 CGC 9.8 (single highest, classic Neal Adams cover), Tales of Suspense #39 CGC 7.0, Tales of Suspense #42 CGC 9.4 Massachusetts pedigree, Tales to Astonish #15 CGC 9.4 White Mountain (highest one of two), Tales to Astonish #23 CGC 9.0 (single highest), Terry-Toons Comics #38 CGC 8.5 (first Mighty Mouse), USA Comics #11 CGC 6.0 (WWII bondage cover), a complete Weird Fantasy Gaines File Copy run including #1 (#13) CGC 9.4 and #21 CGC 9.8 (single highest), Wings Comics #84 CGC 8.0 (classic bondage cover), X-Men #1 CGC 7.0 Rocky Mountain pedigree, X-Men #9 CGC 9.6 (second highest, Avengers appear) and X-Men #94 CGC 9.4 ("New X-Men" begin).

“New material is being posted to the preview daily, so interested buyers and consignors should check back often”, says Gillock.

"The art segment of this auction is also growing at an impressive pace” says Gillock. “Some other goodies that Josh did not mention include a beautiful Barry Windsor-Smith Conan #13 half-splash featuring the climactic destruction of Yezud have been joined by many other impressive works. Just a few of these include a climactic John Romita Daredevil #14 page (Romita’s first issue as lead artist on the run), a Jack Kirby Fantastic Four #43 page featuring the FF and the Frightful Four, a compelling Bissette/Tottleben Swamp Thing #34 double page spread, an Infantino/Anderson Flash #119 page featuring a Flash transformation and the Mirror Master, a wonderful Wally Wood Confessions Illustrated splash page, a Curt Swan/Murphy Anderson’s Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen #123 cover, a Gil Kane Captain America vs. The Red Skull battle page from Tales of Suspense #89, a rare Steve Ditko Giant-Man vs. Egghead page from Tales to Astonish #61, a Frank Frazetta White Indian page, Gil Kane’s Conan #73 cover, an impressive Jack Kirby Thor #152 page featuring Thor battling the Destroyer, a Sal Buscema Incredible Hulk splash featuring a huge image of the Green Goliath, a John Buscema Thor #198 title splash, a Dave Cockrum X-Men #149 team page featuring Wolverine and an early Kitty Pride appearance, two vintage Enric paperback cover paintings, a Gil Kane Green Lantern #14 page featuring GL in every panel, the final two pages from Incredible Hulk #126 by Hern Trimpe featuring the Hulk and Doctor Strange, and much more.

This is a guest article. The thoughts and opinions in this piece are those of their author and are not necessarily the thoughts of the Certified Collectibles Group.

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