Launches Charity Foundation

Posted on 2/1/2012 recently announced the launch of their new foundation, Capes For Causes, which will help local charities, organizations and people in need.

capesThe goal of Capes For Causes is very simple — to unite creators, companies and businesses alike. Capes For Causes will be using all its resources to raise money for those in need, and show those around the world what the comic industry is all about — great people with great hearts. And yes, we love comics! started as a tribute to a friend, with the hope of uniting collectors and fans of comics. For so many years, we the readers and collectors have all held a strong unity with one another. Many comic fans have been involved with and helped organizations, conventions, individuals and others in need of assistance through charity work or simple publicity. We have seen the overwhelming positive response of the creative community coming together to help those in need, never asking for anything in return. feels it is time to pay this forward.

One of the many charities benefiting from this newly organized foundation is Special Spaces. At Special Spaces, the staff discovers what each child enjoys, what their hobbies are and then designs a bedroom in their home that caters to these interests. This is one of the most unique and caring ideas for critically ill children. Their bedroom then becomes an oasis or escape from the many life challenges these kids endure daily. It’s their “Special Space”. Special Spaces was featured on ABC's inaugural show Secret Millionaire.

They have now grown to over 17 chapters across the country, but are still a grass roots organization. Each chapter is run by people, not committees. If you know of any children in need of help that could benefit from these services, please do not hesitate to contact Special Spaces. Capes For Causes is asking for all of us to assemble for the cause! We will be auctioning off comics, original art, and more to raise money for this charity and numerous others. For more information and to make donations to be offered by Capes For Causes contact Rick Frogge at:

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