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Posted on 4/26/2012

Grader notes are now available online.

CGC has announced that Grader Notes are available online from $5 to $30 per collectible*. These notes are a valuable part of the grading process and can help explain why a collectible received the grade it did. Anyone can obtain CGC Grader Notes, if available, through the free Certification Verification Tool, now located on the home page.

What are CGC Grader Notes?

When CGC graders examine a comic book or magazine, they often enter comments about the collectible's condition. These "Grader Notes" describe problems and indicate the condition of the interior pages. After the first grader enters notes and their grade, the next grader can review those notes and can make any additional notes. For comics with the purple CGC Restored Grade label, Restoration Notes are given that describe the location and type of restoration.

Sample CGC Grader Notes

Some commonly used CGC Grader Notes include:

  • Right Center Front Cover Lite Fingerprints
  • Top Spine Water Damage
  • Left Center Back Cover Moderate Erasure Mark
  • Spine Small Stress Lines
  • Staple Rusted w/ Rust Stained Interior
  • Interior Heavy Tanning
  • Bottom Right Front Cover Large Crease
  • Top Right Front Cover Restoration Color Touch
  • Left Center Back Cover Restoration Tear Seal

CGC Grader Notes Fees

The fee for CGC Grader Notes varies based on the tier the comic or magazine was submitted under:

  • Walkthru — $30
  • Express and Standard — $15
  • Economy, Value and Modern — $5

How do I get CGC Grader Notes?

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When you enter a certification number for a CGC-graded collectible in the free CGC Certification Verification Tool on the home page, you will see if it has any Grader Notes and the fee. To unlock the Grader Notes, click the "Get Grader Notes" button and fill in the required fields.

CGC Grader Notes are sent to the email provided within one business day. If the Grader Notes page says that delivery will be INSTANT, the Grader Notes will appear immediately and they will also be sent by email.

CGC Authorized Dealers can expedite the process by logging in to have Grader Notes billed with their monthly statement.

With the launch of this service, CGC is no longer accepting phone calls for grader notes.

*Introductory pricing. Discounts do not apply.

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