CGC Grading On-site at Philadelphia Comic Con

Posted on 4/27/2012

On-site comic book grading, as well as regular submissions and Signature Series witness authentication services, will be available May 31–June 3 in Philadelphia.

CGC will be at the Philadelphia Comic Con at the Pennsylvania Convention Center, in Philadephia, PA, May 31–June 3, 2012.

CGC will be grading on-site for all service levels. These include Modern*, Economy, Standard, Express and more! Stop by the CGC booth to submit comic books for on-site grading or to request a Signature Series witness.

On-site certification of your comic book(s) will occur during the weekend of the show and your books will be returned to the booth by the end of the show on Sunday.

On-site Tier Pricing:

  • Modern (comics 1980–present, valued US $200 or less) — US $25
  • Economy (comics valued US $300 or less) — US $50
  • Standard (comics valued US $1,000 or less) — US $85
  • Express (comics valued US $3,000 or less) — US $140
  • WalkThru (comics any value) — 3% FMV - Min $225, Max $3,000
  • Signature Series Services for on-site grading — Modern - $11; all others $10 additional to grading fee (per signature)

This show is packed with exciting artists and guests such as legendary comics writer & editor - Denny O'Neil who has worked on Green Lantern, Batman, Iron Man and Superman; Eisner Award Winner George Perez, writer/artist on Superman, JSA, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Crisis on Infinite Earths, Spider-Man, Hulk, JLA and The Avengers; Greg Capullo, artist on Batman, Spawn and X-Force; Ariel Olivetti, known for his work on Cable and Punisher War Journal. Check the convention website for a full list of attending guests.

Come by the show to meet these creators and stars, submit books to CGC and even have a few books witnessed under the prestigious Signature Series designation. Stop by the booth first for details about this program or you can make arrangements in advance on our Chat Boards.

Signature Series requests can be made for on-site grading. However, if CGC and its affiliates are unable to obtain the artist(s) signature(s) by Sunday morning, then the books will not be able to be submitted for on-site certification and will have to be shipped back to CGC’s facility for regular tiers of certification. You will be responsible for all costs associated with the grading and shipping of this comic in order for it to retain its Signature Series designation.

Visit our booth to get answers to any questions about the services offered by CGC. Please remember that CGC does not provide opinions or free evaluations at trade shows.

Collector Society members — You must fill in your Collectors Society number on the submission form. We cannot add this information after your order is submitted.

*Modern Tier is for comic books published 1980 to present, valued at $200 or less per book.

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