Orlando MegaCon Adds Wil Wheaton to Its Lineup

Posted on 10/9/2012

MegaCon will take place March 15–17, 2013, at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL.

MegaCon, the largest comic book, anime, gaming and multimedia event has made new additions to its already impressive lineup. MegaCon is happy to add to its comic guest list: Ed McGuiness, Mark Bagley, Frank Cho, Bob Layton, Mike Perkins and Michael Lark.

Other comic book guests include:
Neal Adams, Mark Waid, Chris Claremont, Mike Choi, Andrew Robinson, Steve Epting, Andy Price, Doug Sneyd, Jose Delbo, Matteo Scalera, Steve McNiven, Michael Atiyeh, Jimmy Cheung, George Pérez, Gail Simone, Mike McKone, Dave Johnson, Dan Panosian, Brian Pulido, Brandon Peterson, Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti, Billy Tucci, Georges Jeanty, Tim Townsend and Craig Boldman.

Featured guests include:
Star Trek: TNG — Wil Wheaton ("Wesley Crusher")
Lexx — Ellen Dubin (“Giggerota”)
Farscape — Gig Edgley (“Chiana”)

Voice actors include:
My Little Pony — Tara Strong
Futurama — John DiMaggio
Mass Effect 2–3 — DC Douglas
Panty & Stocking — Joel McDonald
Modoka Magica — Cristina Vee

Other media guests include:
Harry Potter — James and Oliver Phelps ("Fred and George Weasley")
Star Trek: TNG — Patrick Stewart, Jonathan Frakes, Marina Sirtis, Brent Spiner, Levar Burton, Michael Dorn and John DeLancie
Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman — Dean Cain
Battle Star Galactica — Michael Hogan (“Saul Tigh”)
Star Wars — Paul Blake and Jeremy Bulloch
Incredible Hulk — Lou Ferrigno
Teen Wolf, Slingblade and F Troop — James Hampton
Ghost Hunters International — Paul Bradford and Scott Tepperman

Frenchy and the Punk will be back by popular demand, plus — new to MegaCon — The Ken Spivey Band!

Other events include: MegaCon video gaming and the SuperCon 2K series provided by National Video Gaming Association and Vibras Five.One; RPG; LARP; card and miniature gaming events; children's events provided by the Skiffytown Heroes; speed dating; anime events; belly dancing; an indy film festival; a movie trailers screening room; Saturday evening dance; late-night, adults-only dance; and a professional panel room.

The MegaCon guest list is constantly growing. Check MegaConvention.com frequently for more updates.

MegaCon 2013
Orange County Convention Center
Orlando, Florida
March 15–17, 2013
Contact info: info@MegaConvention.com or MegaConvention.com

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