Professor Pecora’s Top-rated Wolverine Registry Sets in Pedigree Comics’ Upcoming June Grand Auction

Posted on 5/7/2013

Pedigree Comics is now accepting consignments for their upcoming June 2013 Grand Auction. In addition to Professor Pecora's sets, the auction will have a few hundred choice, high-grade, CGC-certified Marvels and DCs from the Silver and Bronze Ages — plus other genres and publishers.

The sooner you consign your books, the more exposure and press they will receive. Pedigree Comics aggressively promotes and advertises each Grand Auction on many websites and trade publications. They also send periodic newsletters to all of their 19,000+ customers announcing the individual auction items. There is no Buyer's Premium on any of the lots in the auction, and most of the lots will have no reserve. Every book is CGC graded and the minimum bid is only $100.

The initial consignments for the auction come from an incredible, super-high-grade collection. Pedigree Comics proudly presents the world's current No. 1-ranked CGC Wolverine Limited Series (1982) set, “The Inaugural Slashing” This monumental set was assembled by Mr. Thomas D. Pecora, better known as Professor Pecora, a real-life professor, devout Wolverine fan and collector, and CGC Registry Member. Originally a native New Yorker, the Professor’s collection hails from his current residence in the Mile High City — Denver, Colorado. All of his CGC books have been meticulously stored in acid-free & water-resistant corrugated CGC boxes, in an extremely dry, cool and smoke-free environment. As a direct result, the condition of his unblemished collection is of the highest caliber! Further, the title of his set is symbolic in the fact that this was Professor Pecora’s first 100% completed set in the CGC Registry, as well as the set representing Wolverine’s first solo comic in issue #1, hence the set's appropriate title: The Inaugural Slashing.

If you are seeking the finest-possible copies of this historic Bronze Age set, this is your opportunity! All four issues are branded by the prestigious CGC 9.9 Mint grade with snow-white pages. To share an interesting historical fact, Professor Pecora’s copies of issue #s 1–2 were previously acquired from the original owner of The Incredible Hulk #181 CGC 9.9, which previously sold at auction for $150,000!

These copies were carefully hand-picked by a collector of impeccable insight, and issue #2 even boasts a signature from the godfather of the Marvel Universe — Mr. Stan “The Man” Lee! Although there are thousands of Stan Lee signatures, how many of them have you seen on a 9.9 Mint book from 1982? This is the only one in the world! Moreover, Professor Pecora’s copy of the nearly 100% black cover on issue #3, is arguably the best example on the planet! This same copy sold previously for $2,000 at auction about two years ago.

To put the icing on the cake, The Inaugural Slashing also boasts the single-highest-graded rare Wolverine Limited Series trade paperback, which was also signed by Stan Lee! This rare trade paperback contains the complete storyline of all four WLS issues, and was the first of its kind — as it would influence a countless series of other titles being ushered into the form of trade paperbacks.

This complete set will be offered in the upcoming June Pedigree Comics Grand Auction. With the new Wolverine movie set to hit the big screen on July 26, and parts of the movie developed from the original WLS storyline, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for a hard-core Wolverine or X-Men fan, or comic investor to seize the opportunity — this set is absolutely phenomenal!

Pedigree Comics is also proud to present Professor Pecora’s current No.5-ranked CGC Wolverine (1988) set, “Against All Odds.” This set truly lives up to its moniker as it starts off with a sonic boom! With that said, there are currently only 11 CGC universal 9.9s in existence for issue #1, and with almost 5,000 copies graded by CGC, that number has remained constant for roughly two years already. With the cover printed in dark ink, it is incredibly difficult to acquire high-grade examples, due to even the smallest defects being extremely noticeable by the CGC graders. Now with this statistical background information, if you owned a CGC 9.9 example of issue #1, would you dare crack it open to have it signed? We think not!

However, Professor Pecora’s set showcases the only Wolverine #1 CGC SS 9.9 in the world. It was signed on October 31, 2010, at the Las Vegas tribute event by none other than the legendary godfather of the Marvel Universe — Mr. Stan Lee! Although you probably have seen thousands of Stan Lee signatures, this one is truly unique. Wolverine #1 features the first issue in which Wolverine is represented as “Patch,” which is also the first issue of Wolverine’s first ongoing monthly series. In addition, it is a signed 9.9 on a black cover!

With the cover art in mind, this issue was originally published in November 1988, featuring Wolverine (as Patch) on a pile of dead bodies with a full moon in the background and, with the Wolverine logo printed in orange, one can easily associate the symbolism to Halloween when Stan Lee actually signed the book! Further, his signature placement is located in a spot that does not take away from the aesthetic beauty of the classic cover art, drawn by the late John Buscema. If there was ever a Stan Lee signature on an important, key issue that will continually appreciate with time, this is the book! There is and will always be only one Wolverine #1 CGC SS 9.9 (Stan Lee) in the world. Prepare to bid aggressively!

But wait, there’s more — much more! Issue #s 2–6 have also been signed by Stan Lee! Professor Pecora spent countless hours creating custom signing templates for Stan and other various artists and writers to write their signatures in specific locations on each book. The direct result is superb signature placements that you don’t see too often. Just look at the angles in which Stan Lee signed his name on issue #s 4–6 and how neatly and distinct his name appears — it doesn’t get any better than that! As a matter of fact, there are more than 40 CGC SS 9.8 issues included in the Against All Odds set for you to bid on, and some of these gems are the single-highest-graded copies currently in existence.

To highlight some of these beauties, issue #s 7–8 are signed by the legendary Chris Claremont, and showcase the Hulk on both of these classic John Buscema covers. In addition, cover artist Bill Sienkiewicz signed issue #10 in rare white paint that looks absolutely beautiful, as it coordinates with the snowy forest where another classic Wolverine vs. Sabretooth battle occurs. There is also a full run of rare Peter David signatures on almost every Wolverine issue he wrote! Check out issue #s 9, 11–16 and 44! Does Klaus Janson ring a bell? Well the Professor has a near complete run of all the Wolverine issues that he inked under John Byrne’s classic art. Just take a look at issue #17 — wow! Klaus Janson’s signature couldn’t have been placed in a better location. Look at how perfectly centered it is! What about Jim Lee? Check out his classic Wolverine cover art on issue #s 24, 25 and 27; Jim’s signature on issue #24 is perfectly centered and is a true stunner. Is anyone familiar with Barry Kitson’s work? Check out issue #s 28 and 29. Joe Rubinstein? Issue #30. Mark Texeira fan? Check out issue #s 61 and 63 in which Tex also drew mini Wolverine head sketches! Adam Kubert? Issue #77! Larry Hama? Issue#s 5 and 115. How about Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld? If you are a Deadpool fan, you might want to place your bids on issue #s 154 and 155!

You must check out Professor Pecora’s copy of the rare #145 Nabisco variant cover! Not only was is triple-signed by cover artist Bill Sienkiewicz and both interior artists Leinil Francis Yu and Dexter Vines, but a unique Wolverine head sketch was drawn on the front cover by Mr. Sienkiewicz! This is one of the most rare comics of all time, as only an estimated 2,000 copies were printed, and also has a black cover, which makes high-grade copies extremely difficult! On that note, this copy is a CGC SS 9.8 — this is a no-brainer. Bid aggressively in order to obtain bragging rights! There is also a double-signed rare copy of the #145 Dynamic Forces Holofoil available for you to bid on. There were only 3,000 copies of this issue produced, and this copy is the highest graded with Leinil Francis Yu and Dexter Vine’s signatures, who drew both the cover and interior art.

Moreover, for any Wolverine collectors looking to fill any gaps in your collections, there are 9.8 examples of almost every issue in the entire run. Some of the rare and difficult-to-acquire issues include (but are not limited to) issue #s 21, 23, 31–43, 41 (second printing), 79, 85 (non foil), 90, 100 (non foil), 114 (variant cover), 125 (Dynamic Forces edition), 131 (recalled edition), 133 (variant cover), 143–145 (silver and gold foil variants), 150 (Dynamic Forces edition), 150 (Dynamic Forces Holofoil), 150 (variant cover), 188–189, Wolverine ½ blue foil edition, Wolverine -1, and the ’95 and ’00 annuals.

With the new Wolverine movie scheduled to premiere just weeks after Pedigree Comic’s June Grand Auction, demand for the highest-graded and finest quality Wolverine books will surely rise. Opportunities like this don’t occur very often, so be sure to take full advantage in Pedigree Comic’s special Wolverine / X-Men auction this June! This might be the hottest Wolverine auction of all-time!

In addition, the auction will feature a complete run of new X-Men, issue #s 94–143, plus giant-size X-Men #1, all in ultra–high grade (CGC graded 9.4 and higher) and most in 9.8 and 9.6. This fabulous consignment comes from a collection in Green Bay, Wis. The collector only bought certified books with off-white to white or white pages and perfect registration and structure and his discerning tastes are exemplified in this incredible X-Men run. Every issue will be listed with no reserve.

Pedigree will continue to accept consignments for the auction until midnight on Thurs., June 20, so check the site and read the following for consignment instructions and get your books in now.

Mr. Schmell invites you to take advantage of Pedigree’s many outstanding services. Consignors maximize their profits selling in the Grand Auction, more so than on any other auction site or auction house. Pedigree does not charge a Buyer's Premium, an amount that most bidders take into consideration when bidding in other sites (the bidders simply deduct the Buyer's Premium amount, usually 20% of the winning price, from their final bid, meaning less $$ to the consignor and more to the auction site). The higher the value of your book(s) that sell in a Grand Auction, the more $$ you take home under Pedigree Comics’ Climbing Scale as follows:

A climbing scale is in effect for consigned items with a winning bid as follows:

10% commission for any consigned item that sells up to $10,000 (consignor’s proceeds = $90% of the final bid price);

9% commission for any consigned item that sells over $10,000 and up to $25,000 (consignor’s proceeds = $91% of the final bid price);

8% commission for any consigned item that sells over $25,000 and up to $50,000 (consignor’s proceeds = $92% of the final bid price);

6% commission for any consigned item that sells over $50,000 and up to $100,000 (consignor’s proceeds = $94% of the final bid price);

5% commission for any consigned item that sells over $100,000 (consignor’s proceeds = $95% of the final bid price)

Pedigree Comics consistently sets new sales records for Golden Age, Silver Age and Bronze Age comic books and magazines in each of their bi-monthly auctions and they do not saturate the market with the same material each month. Grand Auctions are unique and exciting, with brand-new, CGC-certified and diversified, highest-quality material in each event. Why take home less $$ and settle for less by consigning with someone else?

There are three easy ways to consign your books to any of Pedigree’s upcoming Grand Auctions. The only criteria is that the books must be CGC graded and worth no less than $100. If you have high-grade raw books that you want to have certified and sold in a Grand Auction, you can utilize Pedigree’s Raw-to-Riches Consignment Service, in which they will have your books certified under their account and will lay out all the CGC grading fees in advance for you (refer to the website and their Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide advertisement for all the details of the Raw-to-Riches Consignment Service). Here is how to consign:

1. Ship your books directly to their offices in Wellington, Fla. They will inventory, scan and upload each book into the June Grand Auction listing. The books will be listed under your personal account and you will receive email notification at the conclusion of the auction with a list of every consigned book that sold along with the winning bid made.

2. Email the scans of the books you wish to consign directly to them at They will format and upload each scan onto their server and then put each book into the Grand Auction listing. Please use a .jpeg format with the resolution set at 72 and the pixel width at 550 for optimum clarity. If you do not have a scanner you can use a digital camera.

3. You can upload your own scans, item information, book descriptions and reserve amounts, if any, by utilizing their Automated Consignment System. Just register onto the site ( and login, click the “Customer Page” tab under “Your Account” and then click “Consignments” (under the “Auctions” heading). You will then be able to enter the Pedigree Comics Consignment Management System and list your own CGC-certified books and magazines. Pedigree will receive an email once you have uploaded the scan and book information for each individual item into the system and they will then review the information imparted for accuracy. The item(s) will then be added to the June Grand Auction listing to be bid on. You will be amazed how simple it is to use the Automated Consignment System.

If you have any questions or comments about the consignment process, any of the auction lots or about the Grand Auction in general, please contact Mr. Schmell at (561) 422-1120 (office) or (561) 596-9111 (cell) or at For any financial related and consignment payment questions, please contact Pedigree's CFO, Lisa Shapiro, at and for any technical related questions or concerns, please contact their webmaster at

This is a guest article. The thoughts and opinions in this piece are those of their author and are not necessarily the thoughts of the Certified Collectibles Group.

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