ComicLink Accepting Consignments for November Auction

Posted on 10/8/2013

ComicLink is currently accepting consignments and offering generous upfront cash advances for valuable comic books and original art pieces consigned to the November Featured Auction. The event will commence Nov. 20.

The auction preview already showcases many impressive items, and highlights continue to be added on a daily basis.

“This auction is bound to be another blockbuster, and it is the ideal auction environment for a seller’s most valuable material,” says ComicLink Consignment President Josh Nathanson. “We encourage sellers to contact us as soon as possible to consign to this auction. The sooner items come in, the sooner we can promote them to potential buyers. By working with ComicLink, sellers raise funds quickly and reach a wide base of aggressive buyers for their material. In addition to accepting consignments for this and other auctions, we are also accepting consignments for the comic exchange sections, and purchasing vintage comics and original art outright. If you have material to sell, make sure to see what we can do for you — you’ll be glad you did!”

ComicLink will also be accepting consignments for, and promoting, the November Featured Auction at the New York Comic Con (October 10–13). The firm will be bringing both comics and artwork slated for the auction to display at booth #2622.

Early comic book highlights already listed in the November Featured Auction preview include items such as: Fantastic Four #1 CGC 8.5, and numerous other early Silver Age keys; Wonder Woman #1 CGC 7.5 and #2 CGC 8.5, and many rare, highest- or second highest–graded Golden Age Wonder Woman issues; Flash Comics #1 CGC 2.0; Iron Man #1 CGC 9.8 and #2 CGC 9.9, Avengers #57 CGC 9.6 (first Vision); Mystic #32 CGC 8.0 (atomic explosion cover, single-highest graded); Startling Comics #49 CGC 9.0 (classic Schomburg cover); Superman #72 CGC 9.2 (highest graded); Superman #233 CGC 9.6 (classic Neal Adams cover), Tales to Astonish #43 CGC 9 .8 (highest, one of three), Weird Fantasy #16 CGC 9.6 Gaines File copy, Wonder Comics #20 CGC 9.0 (Schomburg cover and Frank Frazetta interior artwork), and many more ultra-high-grade Marvel and DC issues, Golden Age classics, and other extremely desirable comic books. Additional comic books continue to roll into ComicLink headquarters on a daily basis — and as usual, the build up of material in this blockbuster Featured Auction will be fun to watch within the auction preview!

Original art highlights posted to the preview include spectacular art by Jack “The King” Kirby such as: a Thing versus Dr. Doom battle page from Fantastic Four #40, the title splash to Journey into Mystery #109 featuring Thor’s banishment from Asgard by Odin (the first time Thor appears with a full-sized figure of Odin on a splash page), a climactic Captain America #101 page featuring Cap defeating the Red Skull, an exceptional half-splash from the Silver Surfer graphic novel (Surfer soaring on his board), a really good Fin Fang Foom page from Strange Tales #89 and more.

Among the other artwork already posted to the November Featured Auction preview include; Romita’s Amazing Spider-Man #166 cover art featuring Spidey taking on the Lizard and an explosive Amazing Spider-Man #75 half-splash featuring an iconic Spidey pose; John Byrne’s Amazing Spider-Man #189 cover and a great page from Fantastic Four #248; a rare Herb Trimpe cover sighting in the form of the Incredible Hulk Annual #6 cover; George Perez covers to Crisis on Infinite Earths #4, Justice League of America #202, and New Teen Titans (first series) #3; a Jim Lee watercolor "Hush" page from Batman #614 depicting the death of Robin, the Classic X-Men #13 cover by Art Adams, Jason Todd; Marc Silvestri’s Uncanny X-Men #225 “Fall of the Mutants” cover; Whilce Potacio’s Uncanny X-Men #281 wrap-around cover featuring the new team; a Frank Miller Daredevil action page, Steve Epting pages from Captain America #25 (the “Death of Captain America” issue); a twice-up Gene Colan Tales of Suspense #88 Iron Man versus Mole Man battle page, Todd McFarlane Amazing Spider-Man art, numerous covers from the Modern Age and much more!

“Similar to other ComicLink Featured Auctions in which many new record results were achieved, the ComicLink November Featured Auction will highlight valuable, vintage comic books and original comic art, and it will be a blockbuster. Every lot in the Featured Auction is selected by ComicLink’s expert staff for quality and collector appeal, which means it is the perfect showcase for a seller’s best material.”

To reserve auction placement, simply email your prospective auction list, or call 617-517-0062, option 1, to speak with Douglas Gillock, Sean Goodrich, Jason Crosby, Jon Signorelli, Josh Nathanson or other members of the ComicLink team. To review ComicLink’s auction schedule and some recent record auction results, click here.

This is a guest article. The thoughts and opinions in this piece are those of their author and are not necessarily the thoughts of the Certified Collectibles Group.

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