Shipping Your Trading Cards

Packaging Instructions

  1. For the protection of your cards, place each card into a protective "penny sleeve" or Mylar.

  2. Then, place each card in a semi-rigid sleeve, such as Ultra Pro. The sleeve you choose must be sturdy enough to allow us to remove the card safely.

  3. Put all of your cards in between two cardboard pieces that are larger than the cards. When packaging your cards for shipment, please place the cards in the order in which they appear on the submission form packing slip.

  4. Secure the cardboard pieces with rubber bands. Ensure that the rubber bands are not too tight. They should be just tight enough to hold the cardboard pieces together and prevent the cards from falling out.

    Important: If packed too tightly, the cards inside may get damaged.

  5. Protect the bound cards with packing material such as bubble wrap, Styrofoam pellets or other shipping/packing material.

  6. Pack in a sturdy cardboard box, ensuring the bound cards are not packed too tightly. This may cause damage if mishandled. Use packing tape to completely seal the outside of the box.

  7. Clearly write WK (for WalkThrough grading tier submissions) or EX (for Express grading tier submissions) on the outside of the shipping box. These boxes will be opened first.

  8. Ship your packaged cards to:

    CGC Trading Cards
    PO Box 4701
    Sarasota, FL 34230

Important Disclaimer: Instructions from CGC Trading Cards on how to package collectibles are only suggestions. Customer alone is responsible for safely and securely packaging the collectibles, and should, in Customer’s sole discretion, determine how to package the collectibles to prevent damage during CGC’s normal handling process.

Note: Mylar, Ultra Pro, and Styrofoam are registered trademarks of DuPont Teijin Films US LP, Ultra PRO International LLC, and Dow Chemical Company, respectively, and are not affiliated with CGC.