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    I have been browsing the forums for about a year prior to starting an account. I wanted to chronicle getting back into my favorite hobby. The goal of this journal is to keep me motivated in reshaping my collection (more below) and setting up my home office display!


    I'm a 39 year old living in Austin, TX. My older brother and uncle got me into comics as a kid. My favorites were marvel comics and especially Spider-man. I would buy, read, than store my comics, and than read some more. I really enjoyed them as a collecting hobby and for their entertainment value. I still believe to this day comics greatly expanded my vocabulary as a child (tons of adjectives!). As I got older, working jobs, going to school, etc comics took a back seat and I stopped purchasing. Every time I moved, I lugged around my 4 long boxes of comics as I still cherished them, but really stopped reading them. The 90's really killed my interest in comics. Multiple gimmick covers, rising cover prices, subpar storytelling (in my view), bad art and lame new characters (looking at you, Leifeld) really left me feeling like comics had jumped the shark.


    Fast forward to the last year or two. I started browsing eBay again, looking at comics. I found this forum and started reading the chats, looking at items for sale... and I want back in! I yearn for the nostalgia and now have more disposable income to continue my hobby. I am married with a awesome corgi (Dexter) and have a house. We have a room dedicated as an office, which my wife will let me use to display my comics and hold my collection. It won't be a dedicated man-cave, but this is fine with me!


    So right now the office is a bit of a mess. We just had contractor come out as my wife (a graphic designer) wants a functional office for us both. She works from home full time and I usually work from home as well. More on that in another entry...

    My collection:

    It is a mix of Silver Age to Copper Age. My main interests are Silver and Bronze age super-hero, though Golden Age and possibly horror are looking interesting... I am going to ballpark and say between 1200-1500 comics total. I store most of my comics in a filing cabinet as my wife saw other collectors doing this on Pinterest. After reading a lot of posts, I am going to do the once unthinkable... I am going to sell the majority of my comics and use the funds to purchase more keys. I don't read my comics nearly as much as I used to and think if I can 'flip' my collection into one or a few comics, I would be happier as I renew my hobby.

    So my first step that I just undertook was dividing my collection up. I have formed two long boxes of NM to reader copy comics, trying to sell them all in bulk. I listed them locally for about .50$ each, but selling all together only. Immediately got a lowball offer for about 15% of what I had them listed at. My price isn't set in stone, but I won't even reply to an offer like that as it irked me. One of my main goals of this journal is to keep me going in selling my comics, tips and advice from other boards on how to sell, etc.

    I'm probably dragging on so I'll leave it here for now. Attached are a few pics of my new purchases, my cabinet and some of my comics! 





  1. Marvel Comics

    Amazing Spider-Man 200, great Anniversary issue.

    Highest graded copy I have owned, still have my reading copy.

    Bought this from a board member.



  2. This one just came by UPS today. At this moment it is the single highest graded copy and the next closest grade is a 7.5. I bought it from eBay and I even thought the price was good. I have spent so much time on my GI Combat set, the Our Fighting Forces  set (among others) has been neglected. September - October 1961, I'm happy to be able to add this one!

    Our Fighting Forces 63 ft.jpg

  3. john ivic
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    Won this in the recent Comic Link auction. Planning to concentrate on Marvels and Warren magazines for 2018. This book has a nice double panel cover with artwork by Wally Wood and Boris Vallejo. Also features interior work by Barry Windsor-Smith. Like the Defenders 5 from my previous journal, I got this book for dirt cheap. Enjoy.


  4. Tomb of Dracula #1:

    So in October of 2006 I purchased my first CGC graded comic--Tomb of Dracula #1.. A cover that had been engraved in my earliest memories of childhood, and a series which I could not fully appreciate until I was a teenager. I had decided this was an issue that I would like to own a preserved graded copy of.  Well after receiving this copy, I had decided that I was going to try and complete the series in a grade of 9.2 and higher (high grade for me ;) )-- It's been a long and fun journey as I'm nearing completion of this set....

    Issue #1 (April 1972) - "Dracula" -Written by Gerry Conway, Art by Gene Colan , and Cover by Neal Adams (inked by Marie Severin)

    Tomb of Dracula #01.jpg

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    I'm missing 131, 133 141-143,145,and the 146.

    Here is my final round of Creepy mags.






















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    Upetting to know that u want to be a million times better than u r now..but depressing to know that no one can better than anyone's all the same at the end of the day...























  5. Wow I've really been slacking on my Swamp Thing journey. The good news is I'm still reading ol' Swampy, just started the Moore run this week and let me just say it has been fabulous. Not that I had any doubt in Moore to deliver.  I'll be back over the next couple of days to give a round up of the issues I've read. Meanwhile a pic of my stack of stuff to read over the next couple of months.


  6. Rusty Treasure

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    Hello again CGC land... how I've missed you all. 

    And I mean that sincerely.

    I came within a moonsbreath of leaving this 'hobby'... this lifestyle forever.  The dreams of comics forever gone - faded into the distance of youthful ideology.

    But I can't.

    Besides, what would Stan and Jack do?

    And so, I begin again.

    With my Rusty Treasures...


  7. tarcraft

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    Alright, Alright, Alright! Managed to score a number 4 of New Gods at 9.0 for a good price, under $50.

    I do not have a raw copy of this issue or even a beat up copy. Good thing I have the black and white trade copy from several years ago. 

    So far I have two slabbed New Gods issues from Jack Kirby's original run. Debating whether to get the "Return of" issues and in no rush.

    I do have a couple of raw issues of the Forever People from the same time but no slabs. That will change soon. 

    Here is a question: why was there never a crossover with OMAC and the New Gods? This would have been an idea to see where it would go.


    Update: 01/12/18

    I am about half way with my New Gods Kirby run. Have decided to send in my raw books. Not sure about a third raw book but I love the series and will get it slabbed.

    There are some readable copies I do have on hand somewhere. Did not realize there were at least three copies of #9 in my possession along with a #7. I will find more as I look back through my collection. 

    And my OMAC run is slowly closing on the gaps. May find my John Byrne OMACs and get them slabbed as well. That is for a later time.

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    Well, I can't seem to get the photo to display correctly, even though it shows correct before uploading, but here is my first new journal attempt. I tried to post earlier today, but the post never showed up...weird. Anyway, thank you to dreamtoreal1 for this sharp looking Iron Fist 14. I'm really looking forward to Ronnylama pressing it and then Chris Claremont signing it at ECCC this year. Hoping it comes back at least 9.2 but sometimes you never know. Hope everyone has a great year!

    Til next time...



    IMG_9662 (003).jpg



  8. axiom94

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    I recently picked up this nice three tier spinner rack on the side of the road! Must have been for magazines because it is perfect for CGC's.


  9. Back in 2014 I began making plans to move abroad. Expecting to have to downsize to smaller accommodations in Europe I sold off a huge chunk of my Comic book library (graphic novels, hardcovers, omnibuses and custom bound editions). Well I'm back in the US now and have started to work to rebuild my library. I thought it would be fun to track my progress here, and provide some reviews along the way. 

    As it is with books, some books I sold for a pretty penny have gone back into print and are now very affordable. Other titles that I created my own custom binds of have now had published volumes created (Gotham Central, DC 1 Million, etc), while other titles that were previously affordable have become difficult to find and have launched in price (why oh why did I sell them!??!). 

    If you want to see the original sales thread it is here:

    Or just take a look at the Bookshelves I was selling from... Im not looking to perfectly replicate the collection, but it gives me a jumping off point for my hunt (and isn't the hunting the most fun part?)

    So pull up a rich corinthian leather chair, put on your smoking jacket and join me in Miraclemet's collected editions library...


  10. Phillip
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    As some of you know if you have seen the WTB section or read my journal when I decide to ramble I have been searching for Invincible #75 variant.  Much like the 1:100 it was pretty hard to come by for a while with the excitement surrounding the announcement of the movie. Well I finally got my hands on one graded at 9.6 I may have paid more than what I should have but that happens in this hobby sometimes. Regardless I am now 5 issues from having a complete set including variants and in making sure I hadn't miss counted or left anything out I realized I am missing the regular cover for issue #98, once I find that one at a reasonable price and condition the set w/o variants is complete. I am planning on laying off on trying to find the other issues I need given the holidays and may just put it on the back burner until the prices start dropping again. But now I am the happy owner of one of the most sought after comics in this series with 2 others to go so if you happen to have the variants for issues 51 and 52 feel free to contact me and lets work out a deal (lol). Happy hunting to all you collectors out there and hope you find the gems you are looking for.


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    I thought some of you might be curious about the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey and it's effect on comic book collections and since I have one effected I figured I would share some details.  My wife & I had just bought a house, closing and moving in on August 21st, a Monday.  By Friday our new neighbors were preparing to  evacuate the neighborhood and after a few conversations we decided it would be best to do the same.  Mostly out of shock, all our survivalist skills were thrown out the window as we packed a couple of bags of clothes, a box of valuables like paperwork, jewels and documents and my priceless hand-built guitar.  I had sold off most of my comic book collection before moving to Texas and came out with a single short box which had grown into 3 over the past year, but before we left, I put my most valuable comics in one box and brought it along, just in case.  I had put the two remaining boxes on the top shelf in my closet thinking if the water comes in these should be fine at 6' up.  Well, I was wrong.  The house took on over 9' of water, everything we owned was destroyed including those 2 boxes.  This included a complete set of Wonder Woman New 52 with variants, (thankfully, not my #38 Finch variant) - Wonder Woman Rebirth set, an almost complete set of Wonder Woman Vol 2. & a Green Lantern set I had been recently working.  There's a handful of books I keep kicking myself over not grabbing on the way out, but thankfully the damage is limited to about $1000 bucks and my valuable box survived! 

     Attached are a few photos to check out, the house is our neighbors up the hill from us, we took on a couple more feet.

    Lastly, the good news is we have flood insurance, but the process is taking much longer than you can imagine and may take as long as 2 years.  I will note, the best lesson I can offer anyone is to be sure your most valuable books are in one place so you can quickly grab them if you need too.  





  11. ASM 13 $130 2.0 Ebay

    ASM 14 $260 1.0 LCBS 

    ASM 15 $130 3.0 EBay

    $19765 Remaining

    76/250 Books

    The ASM 14 has a clipped 1"×1" coupon. It's so neatly cut out that I completely missed it the first time flipping through and had to go back and look for it. Otherwise it's closer to a 3.0 to 4.0. I'll buy books like that all day.

    ASM 13~01.jpg

    ASM 14~01.jpg

    ASM 15~01.jpg

  12. Picked up a couple of issue this week as well as a puzzle and clock. Have a few issue I am still waiting on that I bought from a member.


    Here is how I keep track of my issues. Still in the past like me or more advanced?




  13. I finally completed my write-up for my newly acquired world class copy of Incredible Hulk #181 CGC 9.8 W for my CGC Registry Set entitled, "Enter Wolverine!" Just wanted to share with the larger CGC Comic Collecting Community! Enjoy!! -Professor Pecora


    Incredible Hulk #181 showcases the 1st full appearance of Wolverine and his 2nd overall appearance in the history of comics!


    Moreover, there are only a handful of comic books that have literally stood the test of time and have reigned over any other book of its era; Incredible Hulk #181 is one of those exceptions!


    If you were to think of a single comic book to represent the most sought-after, most valuable and most significant issue of an entire age, it would be Action Comics #1 of the Golden Age (1938-1955); Amazing Fantasy #15 of the Silver Age (1956-1969); and Incredible Hulk #181 of the Bronze Age (1970-1984). In other words, the 1st appearances of Superman, Spider-Man and Wolverine have superseded the importance of any other character of their respective time periods!


    With that said, the world was introduced to the claw-slashing, berserker-raged mutant Wolverine, who made a long-lasting first impression during his debut in November of 1974, as he battled the most powerful character in the Marvel Universe—the Incredible Hulk! However, Wolverine wasn’t anything like the major superheroes before him; instead, he was ill-mannered, hot-tempered and walked the earth with a tortured soul, as he would later struggle with his origins and the purpose of his creation. He was a government experiment—the perfect weapon—Weapon X! As a direct result, the “anti-hero” was born!


    Wolverine was originally created by writer Len Wein and designed by Marvel Art Director, John Romita, Sr. However, in October of 1974; it was the late Herb Trimpe (May 26, 1939 – April 13, 2015) who first drew the character for publication in a last panel cameo featured in the Incredible Hulk #180. The following month, Wolverine was depicted on the front cover lunging in midair and slashing through heavy chains to attack the Goliath Green Machine! In my personal opinion, this is by far the most badass 1st appearance entrance in the history of comics! Wolverine battled the most powerful being in the Marvel Universe head on, so the story title, “AND NOW…the WOLVERINE!” served as an impact statement as if to say, “move over Hulk…another badass is in town to take on all challengers!” With that being said, Herb Trimpe’s classic cover of Incredible Hulk #181 forever remains etched in the hearts and minds of all Wolverine fans and collectors, and is easily recognized and revered worldwide by any comic book collector or connoisseur!


    Roughly 8 months later in the Summer of 1975, Wolverine made his 2nd “full” appearance in Giant-Size X-Men #1 and became a major addition to the new X-Men team. While Wolverine was kicking a** and talking trash in the process, he became increasingly popular with avid X-Men readers and became the most popular character on the X-Men roster! From this success, Marvel would later feature Wolverine in his 1st solo comic; in a classic four-part miniseries, which was published from September – December of 1982. Fast forward a little over six years ahead, and Marvel finally catapulted Wolverine into his own monthly series in November of 1988! Furthermore, in the 43 years of his existence, Wolverine has become the most popular character in the entire Marvel Universe, next to the franchise’s marquee character—the Amazing Spider-Man!


    In the Marvel cinematic world, Wolverine has been characterized on the silver screen by famed actor Hugh Jackman for an astonishing 17 consecutive years in a total of 9 films! With the start of the new millennium in the year 2000 up until the year 2017, Hugh Jackman (as Wolverine) has been featured in the following Marvel films: X-Men (2000); X2: X-Men United (2003); X-Men: The Last Stand (2006); X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009); X-Men: First Class (2011); The Wolverine (2013); X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014); X-Men: Apocalypse (2016); and Logan (2017).


    To say that Hugh Jackman has had success towards making Wolverine and the X-Men a viable movie franchise would be a gross understatement! Rather, he has ventured into “legendary status,” with almost 2 decades of filmmaking and helping to contribute a Worldwide Box Office Total of OVER 5 BILLION DOLLARS! As a direct result, copies of Incredible Hulk #181 will only continue to appreciate and rise in value annually, making it not only the most coveted book of the Bronze Age to collect and showcase, but one of the most secure long-term investments!


    According to the CGC Census Report as of December 12, 2017, out of an impressive total of 9,989 copies gradedonly one (1) freak of nature was graded (WAY BACK in April of 2001) as a Universal MINT 9.9, which sold for $150,000 on Comic Link back in February of 2011! Furthermore, only one hundred four (104) copies (including my copy) were graded as a Universal 9.8 and only ten (10) copies were graded as a Signature Series 9.8. With these statistics in mind, the rarity factor for a CGC Universal IH #181 in 9.8 is only 1.04% of the total population! That’s extremely rare! Considering the vast number of copies that have already been professionally graded and the fact that many 9.8 copies are stashed away in private collections, it is going to become increasingly difficult to locate any 9.8 examples; raw or professionally graded!


    On that note, this particular CGC 9.8 copy sports PERFECT COVER WRAPPERFECT CENTERINGand PERFECT WHITE PAGE QUALITY along with being PERFECTLY cut! (okay, if you want to be a snob...99.9% perfect! :bigsmile:) The color saturation is deep and bright and the corners are razor sharp! Of MAJOR significance is the absolutely PERFECT CENTERING & REGISTRATION ALONG THE SPINE! It is extremely RARE even in the 9.8 grade to find a copy in this immaculate condition, which makes the Professor Pecora Copy of Incredible Hulk #181 one of the finest and most valuable copies in the world!


    I purchased this PRISTINE GEM in March of 2017 from the same auction house where the single CGC 9.9 MINT copy last exchanged hands—Comic Link! I had to bid very aggressively in the final seconds of the auction to secure it, along with auctioning off the majority of my CGC 9.8 Bronze Age Marvel Key Collection in the Pedigree Comic’s April 2017 Grand Auction to pay for it, but at the end of the was all WORTH IT!


    In closing, I would like to thank Mr. Doug Schmell of Pedigree Comics for helping me to acquire this MEGA Bronze Age Key!


    -Professor Pecora

    Incredible Hulk #181 CGC 9.8 W (Front).jpg

    Incredible Hulk #181 CGC 9.8 W (Back).jpg

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    At long last ... I've completed my DC Bicentennial Set! :bigsmile:

    Started almost 10 years ago and I wanted to have a high grade set of the 33 comics that DC published in the summer of 1976 with a red/white/blue banner at the top of the front cover. Most of the copies were easy to find in high grade but as I picked up the issues, the last remaining ones became more and more difficult to find, either as CGC graded or raw. My criteria was simple: nothing less than 9.0 and no worse than Off-White pages.

    Eventually, it came down to two comics a couple of months ago. I picked up raw high-graded copies of Claw the Unconquered 8 and Our Fighting Forces 168 and submitted them to CGC. When I got them back, the Claw comic was a 9.4 with White Pages and I was ecstatic! But then I saw the other one and it was an 8.0! I immediately went online to read the Grader Notes and it noted foxing on two areas of the back cover. I was bummed.

    Since I wanted only 9.x copies in my set I couldn't add this one to my set :facepalm: Worse, I wasn't sure where I could find another high-grade raw copy. But I scoured the comic retailers, including those on eBay and finally found another copy months later that was graded by the seller at 9.4. Based on the scans, it looked really good although the cover was a little crooked.

    So, with much trepidation in my heart, I submitted this copy to GCC. If this one didn't come back at least 9.0 then I was really screwed.

    I watched the progress as it went from Received to Grading to Shipped/Safe. As usual, I didn't look at the emailed shipping document or the invoice online because I like to wait until it arrives to see the grade.

    Then it arrived ....



    This year I think I will start cleaning up my books and think up what I want to put in the room. Too many stuff I have in boxes, and they need be placed in good display. Thinking to buy metal shelves to put all my short boxes stacked up to free up space. It might take me a year or so to get the room as what I have in mind. 

    I had just started my special sketch project at FEV. I gave a blank comic book page (the kind of paper comic book artists do their work) to one artist. It will be finished by February later. It is going to be a unique project, where I will have many different artists put their work on the same page. I estimate the project will take me up to 5 years. I have a long list of artists in names. This is the centrepiece artwork for my comic book room. 

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    So i got my first birthday book as a gift this year. Blade Runner #1 (October 1982).


    I think next year, Wolverine would make a great birthday book. 


    Any other October 1982 books to look out for? Feel free to share your b-day books as well, always nice to see.


  15. I had purchased a BATMAN ADVENTURES #12 CGC 9.6 of ebay. I then purchased grader notes for the book after inspecting the book and not finding one spine crease and couldn't figure out why it was a 9.6. The notes stated there was a slight bend on back cover. I finally found it and it was not color breaking. I had sent it in to CCS  for fast track pressing and fast track grading and CCS received it on 2/24/2017. On 04/12/2017 I had called CCS to find out why it had not been pressed yet because status still showed at CCS. I was told it was finalized on 04/05/2017 and someone would look into it and call me back later that day to give me more info. By 04/014/2007 I had still not received a call and it was still showing at CCS. So I called again and Cynthia said she would look into it and call me back. Nope no call back. Monday I called for the 3rd time and someone said that Cynthia would have to call me back. I then receive an email from her saying she tried to call my number on file(which is the correct number) and it was out of service and would not let her leave a message. Even though I have had the same number for 15 years and had called them from that number. She said it was sent to CGC in a large volume order and would was found. It graded at 9.6 again, now with different grader notes stating spine stress lines? I send an email in asking how this is possible and send in picks of both covers showing that one the dc logo is clearly a 1/4 inch higher on one book and asking for a response no gets back to me I call for a manager and never get in touch with one. Looking at the book I can see its clearly not the book I sent in by the cut of cover and its in no way a 9.6! So instead of sending in for a regrade in original case like I did the last time, I crack the case carefully place in bag and board in side a top loader in a mailer box inside a usps box. Send in to get pressed again and regraded and it comes back a 9.2? Which is about what it looked like the book they originally send me back looked like. This process took close to 8  months only for me to end up with a Batman adventures (.2 that should have been a 9.8 and PS the 9.2 gave no grader notes? Needless to say I am not happy!

    s-l1600 (2).jpg

    2017-10-04 00.38.20.png

    2017-10-11 14.21.57.png


    2017-10-11 14.32.43.png