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  1. ASM 9 $300 4.5 LCBS

    Fantastic Four 3 $665 3.5 Website

    Flash 123 $400 3.5 LCBS

    16642 remaining

    95/250 Books

    ASM 9 is slabbed so the pic is a little off. Haven't broken it out yet.


    ASM 9.jpg

    Fantastic Four 3~01.jpg

    Flash 123~01.jpg

  2. So, I am working on my first comic book, and wanted to share the process with you guys here, especially since my series is a continuation of the Golden Age title Boy Comics. And lets by honest, the only people in the world who care about Boy Comics are here on these forums!

    My series is called The Crimebusters. I'm picking up where Boy Comics #119 left off, so The Crimebusters #120 is set in the fall of 1956, with Chuck Chandler — aka Crimebuster — returning to Curtiss Tech for his junior year of college. Even in a sleepy small college town, though, trouble has a way of finding Chuck. Trouble with a capital T, that is, as Chuck is reluctantly forced to team up with girl reporter Trixie Trouble to solve the mysterious death of a beloved professor. So was it simply suicide, as the authorities claim? Or did the professor bring back more than rare artifacts from his recent trip to Peru... like an ancient curse?

    The Crimebusters is my ode to classic teen detective stories, in the style of Scooby Doo, Archie's Weird Mysteries, and The Three Investigators. I'm drawing it in an Archie style, and the original Life with Archie series is another big influence on me. I the classic Golden Age tradition, this will be a stand alone story, though I hope to do more issues, with a broader mystery building in the background as the series progresses. For now, though, I'm just focusing on trying to make one comic book! 

    Some of you may recall tat four years ago, I began work on a somewhat different version of Boy Comics #120, before ultimately giving up on it. A big part of that was the style - I was trying to emulate the style of the Golden Age crime comics, which just isn't really my thing as either a writer or an artist. This time, I am adopting a style that is more fun for me to work on, and, I hope, to read. 

    I have also devised what I think is a more sustainable work flow than last time. At that time, I tred to complete each page before moving on to the next. This time, I am using a classic assembly line style, so I have plotted, laid out, and done full breakdowns for all 28 pages. I am now in the process of doing the line work for all 28 pages, and when I am done, I will then go over it again for an inking stage, then a dialogue stage, then a final edit stage. 

    I expect the line work to take me through the first week in February. My hope is to have the book done by the end of March, do a Kickstarter launch in April, and then publish in May. But we'll see how it goes!

    I'll be updating things here as I go, and you can also check things out over at my website:


    promo with logo 2.JPG

  3. I haven't journaled in a while mostly because I have been busy working but today I have my first Thanksgiving off since 2011 and it feels good.

     Back in September My wife and I attended all three days of the Cincinnati Comic Expo. I wanted to share my thoughts on it.  It was a mid size show, good location and set up nicely but did not have as many comic dealers as I would have liked. Even though the number of comics bought was few I was happy with what I came home with.  I started Friday night right away finding an Air Pirates Funnies 1 that had never been on the rack for $75. The man said he bought out a store and he had some old comic stock he never set out.

    Another great buy was a Gold Key Yellow Submarine movie comic which still had the poster. It was detached but there. Just so happened that the artist for the book Jose Delbo was there at the show and so was CGC.  I had a long conversation with Mr. Delbo and his wife and both were a joy to talk too. She asked me where I had bought the comic and how much I paid for it. I said at the show and $225. She said they paid $260 for a low grade copy some time ago and thought that was a great buy. She said they would have bought it if they knew it was there.  It came back from CGC 7.0 white pages which of course I thought it would do better but not complaining. I also nabbed a Star Wars 1 CGC 9.6 for $360. The dealer did go down on price. The reason I mentioned that was the dealer next to him would not budge one dollar on an Avengers 2 I had my eye on.  I also picked up a few Turok, Ripley's and Boris Karloff file copies for a good price.

    I also ran into Collectors society member Rude Badger and his wife at the show or I should say they found me.  Always good to talk to follow collectors and talk shop.

    One last item to mention. About 5 weeks ago I got the urge to go to Ohio's Largest Antique mall which is less than a half hour from my house and look around. I found few comics but did find a print of Bill Wards cover for Overstreet's price guide number 8 signed  by him. I believe it to be legit as he dedicated it to Dragon's Lair comics which was a shop in Dayton Ohio which shut it's doors I think about 2004. It had been there about 30 years. I included a picture of the signature in case someone would know. It is a little different than how he signs his art as it is not printed cursive hand writing.

    Actually I got ahead of myself there is one more item. I travel in my job and was in Barrie Canada and stopped in at Big B comics in Barrie, Ontario which was only a couple of miles from my hotel. 

    It was not the best of weather and about 6 pm so the shop was slow. Not a large shop but it was packed with comics. Marc Sims the owner was there and drug out box after box of comics for me to look through. He was very helpful and so was the young woman working the counter. I always enjoy seeing young people with an interest and knowledge of comics.  It was a great shop. Unfortunately the day I stopped was the day Stan Lee passed. We swapped Stan Lee memories which made us feel a little better. I hope my pictures load if not I will try again. Happy Thanksgiving to all.





  4. I have a veritable cornucopia of comics, and I've been schlepping them all over the world.  

    Back in June we finally settled on a place to live after a year of aimless wondering, stuff comes out of storage, comic boxes go into the basement.  Too many comic boxes.  So I think, "what's the point?"  I don't follow anything anymore, I'm never gonna go back and read em.  The ones I love I know by heart and why have ones that I don't love?

    So I hatched this idea to finish my X-Men run and sell ALL (meaning most) of the rest.  I don't need much:

    3, 65, 69, 70, 72, 73, 75, 76, 77, 79, 80, 81, 82, 83, 84, 85, 91 and a handful in the 500s.  Giant size #1 and Hulk #181 aren't "in" the run, but ... seems I should add those too :)

    I was kinda shocked when I made this list.  I've been picking up odds and ends over the years without much of a plan.  Stumble on a high grade book priced below value?  Grabbed it.  Wasn't very aggressive about it, or even organized,  Just chipped away at it.  I even have some SA books I got out of  the ¢5 bin (back in the 80s).  Unfortunately they marked the covers with a marker ...

    So here's the plan:
    I'm slabbing all my high quality doubles and selling them.  If that goes well I'll attack the non X-men titles (Pretty typical hodgepodge for a marvel fan late 70's early 80s - Avengers, FF, Spiderman).  There are some random SA books, but not much high grade.  So even though I don't need a lot of books, I'm going to have to sell a ton of em to get high grade.  I'm kinda vaguely considering upgrading the grade of some books I own ... but first, finish

  5. I combed through my Wonder Woman collection and found 6 books that all appeared to be VF/NM 9.0-ish & have confirmed I'm a terrible grader when it comes to older books.  Of the 6, one came back higher & fortunately for me, it is the one book I shelled out the most $ for, Wonder Woman #156.  

    The other books included #137 (6.0), 161 (4.0) 177 (7.0), 179 (6.5) & 204 (7.5) - I'll have to review the grader notes, especially on #161, as all of these books looked so much better than the results.

    The question I have for the community is...  When sending in books for grading and having some poor results, does 1 book make it all worth it?  When I look at this one, I have to say, it does!




  6. So the whole need journal thing is interesting. Trying to wrap my head around how to proceed, I really do miss my 60 post from the previous one. I'  going to sit on it tonight,  and maybe get back to posting some of my recent pick ups. I finished my batman silver age villain run, and I got a little heavy into the cgc sketches. Here is one for two for the mean time while i decide. Thanks for looking Jim 



    NealAdamsBatman 1.jpeg


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  8. john ivic
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    Just won this in an auction. An upgrade from the 9.0 I currently have. One of the few House Of Mystery issues with interior art by Neal Adams. And it's always nice to land a pedigree copy. Enjoy.


  9. Best2u
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    Just a small entry to thank CGC for my recent Best Of Bronze Age award. 

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    Approximately one Spawn comic posted daily for 365 days- through the upcoming film and milestone issue #300.

    The majority of these issues are original owner, and as of this posting I am only missing one issue (#150) from being completely current.

    I will reserve Sundays for posting a Spawn spinoff or one-shot at my discretion. 

  10. Wow, last month I found out that my little niche set of 33 DC Bicentennial comics was awarded one of the Best Bronze Age sets for 2018, a very nice recognition I must say :bigsmile:  Mahalo nui loa (thank you very much) to CGC!

    And, even sweeter, I just picked up a replacement for one of the issues in the set - going from a CGC 9.0 WP to CGC 9.8 WP and gaining 98 more points! Although it's unlikely I could ever make a complete set of all 9.8 WP issues, I'm hoping to at least upgrade all the 9.0 and 9.2 comics to a 9.4 or 9.6. Attached is a pic of Our Fighting Forces 168.

    On my way, slowly! Hope everyone is enjoying their collections!


    Our Fighting Forces 168.jpg

  11. Hey ladies and gents,

       I've been trying to compile a list of the top 25 bronze age marvel books for myself as a small checklist. I was hoping to get some feedback if you feel I've omitted or forgotten something that should be on this list. Conversely if you feel there are books on here that shouldn't be please feel to offer your opinions and feedback. I've tried to stick to first appearances mostly and the order is how I remembered them not in order of importance. Thank you all very much, all the best!!!!







    1- Hulk 181                                
    2- Amazing Spiderman 129    
    3- Giant Size X-Men 1
    4- Marvel Spotlight 5
    5- Werewolf By Night 32
    6- Tomb of Dracula 10
    7- X- Men 94
    8- Hero For Hire 1 
    9- Iron Man 55
    10- X- Men 101
    11- Ms. Marvel 1
    12- Conan The Barbarian 1
    13- Amazing Spiderman 121
    14- Amazing Spiderman 122 
    15- Marvel Premier 15
    16- Iron Fist 14    
    17- Amazing Adventures 11
    18- Amazing Spiderman 194
    19- Daredevil 131
    20- Nova 1
    21- Cat 1
    22- Night Nurse 1
    23- Hulk 141
    24- Star Wars 1
    25- Strange Tales 180

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    My days of collecting anything and everything are over. After accumulating almost 100,000 comics (most of them worthless), I decided to strip my collection down to 50 comics. The 1st 30 keepers were pretty easy, but it got much harder as I got toward #50. This journal will document my "One in /One out" strategy of collecting from this day forward. I added scans of all 50 comics, so I can sift through my comics without having to get them out of safe storage.  I have new additions on the way, so I will share my thought process on each one I kick out. This is primairly for my amusement, but feel free to comment on the decisions that I make!


    Scan_20180906 (8).png

  12. Howdy Doody!

          I may start saying that more as a greeting to people even though the comic book I discovered those two words together on creeps me out.  A lot.


    That's just scary.  Worse than pretty much any pre-code horror comic IMO.  If I came home from work to see that sitting on my kitchen counter I'd freak out.  :fear:Then I'd go grab my dad's nail gun :devil:

    Anyway, what's up?  How's the hunt for your grail?  Or the non-hunt?  Maybe your grail is a common key book that you see listed multiple places everyday that is just so expensive you have to save up for a quarter-century to afford it...all the while it's going up in price faster than your raises at work are coming?  Either way, I hope you all are making progress.  And if you are one of those collectors that owns their grail already...don't tell me about it lol

    For me, it's Captain America Comics #1.  That's it.  It could be worse.  There are 7 more valuable books I could have chosen lol Then again, it could be a whole lot better!!  Why can't I desire Airboy #1 or Bulletman #1?  Why?  WHY?!  Whether I ever own a Cap #1 someday I do not know, but I'll die tryin' as they say.

    For now, I'll continue collecting the other 78 issues in the glorious golden age run.  Speaking of which, I just replaced the raw Cap #76 I traded with cash for a CGC 3.0SS Cap #78 back in September 0f 2016.  I picked this up from the Second City Collection that was on ComicConnect this past June.



    It's got a fair amount of restoration done to it.  I've never had a book that had its cover re-glossed.  Actually, it's the most restored book I've ever bought, but if it's not brittle or trimmed, I'm game!  How else am I going to get the entire run in any sort of...timely...manner......?


    So, I'm more than happy to have it.  It's a white Cap cover which, besides #70, there isn't any others!  I like it!

    Non Cap related, while browsing the July ComicLink auction I set my eyes upon a Fight Comics #80 for the first time.  A beautiful Maurice Whitman cover!  "Have to have it", I thought to myself.


    But I guess I didn't have to have it since I stopped bidding early on and didn't win it :sorry:

    Thankfully, two copies showed up on eBay soon after that lost auction, which I gobbled up.  Not as high grade but they'll do!


    Maurice knew how to draw females!  He had a few covers of Cowgirl Romances, but I just can't get into those.  I just can't "Ride Fast for Wyoming" if you know what I mean :shy:

    Anywho, while browsing the usual auction sites and jotting down issues I'd like to bid for on way too many post it notes that are taking over my computer monitor, I see a Cap #66 CGC 3.5 listed on eBay in a true auction style format.  Finally, since most all the BIN for Cap's are way, way too high to even look at for the better part of a minute.  I was interested in winning this book even though I had a copy already.  My copy though, if you don't recall, is a true beater.  Faded, ripped, chipped, written on, chunk missing, rusted upon and soiled! 



    That's still fine by me, but this 3.5 looked like a 9.0 compared to it.  So I won the 3.5 and sold my undercopy on eBay which helped offset the sting of upgrading a bit.

    My new Captain America Comics #66!!



    That will probably be the only time I upgrade before I grab each issue in the series, unless a deal presents itself.  Yes, I would end up with better books in the end upgrading as I also acquire, but that would slow down my pace to even slower than it's already tricklingo.O

    So, those are the two new additions to the Cap collection.  That brings my total to sweet 16!

    #27 raw

    #33 2.0R

    #44 raw

    #53 raw

    #66 3.5

    #67 2.5

    #68 raw

    #69 3.0 Can. Ed.

    #70 5.0

    #71 3.0

    #73 3.5SS Can. Ed.

    #74 4.0 Can. Ed.

    #75 raw

    #76 5.0R

    #77 2.0

    #78 3.0SS

    I did send in my Cap #68 & #75 to get graded while at Boston Comic Con two weeks ago.  Hopefully they come back in the grades I expect!

    I do have my eye on one particular Cap book coming up for auction which will be a huge addition to the collection if I can land it :wishluck:

    Until next time...keep pressing forward!


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    I just bought Spider-Gwen #5 CGC#1594823016 signed by Stan Lee; the Aja Variant Cover.

    The label says Stan Lee signed the comic on 11/28/2018—that’s an improbability. Today’s date (as of this writing) is 8/15/2018. Did a mysterious benefactor traveled into the future and have Stan Lee autograph the comic? Doubt it. The obvious answer is, he signed the comic in “January” instead of “November” of 2018. CGC must’ve accidentally hit “11” instead of just “1” for the month. Does an error like this affect the antiunity of the signature or value of the comic?

    I would love to hear any feedback on this. 


    I know after 11/28/2018 nobody will believe me or even care about this mistake.


  13. Hello and welcome to my thirteenth entry under the 'Comic Shops I've Farted In' overarching journal heading. I do like my headings to overarch. They say that 13 is 'unlucky for some'. Well it was certainly unlucky for Incognito Comics because this is how many cheese chunders I counted on my last visit. That's the last time I take my Nan to a comic shop, I'll tell you that for nothing! I won't charge you.

    Any way, she made the place uninhabitable for a good half an hour. No more cheesy quavers for you Nan I said on the bus home (on which she dropped a further four air biscuits I hasten to add. Come to think of it, has anyone ever added slowly? Why all the haste all the time?).

    It's true what they say about the old ones. They smell of wee.

    As this is my final entry (ooh missus!), I won't say 'see you next time' as that would make me a liar. And nobody likes A Liar! Except Barry Liar, who loves his wife Ann dearly.

    So, that's that. Thanks for reading.



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    Just thought I would start a journal showing any pickups of comics or sundries lol

    All nonsense encouraged


  14. On the lookout for a high grade #1 , but here is a high grade set of 2 through 4.




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    It's been awhile since my last Journal post. My last post was made May 22, 2015. This is my first journal post under the new format, I haven't decided if I like it or not. It's alot easier to use that's for sure, It reminds of the dashboard in WordPress. I've been collecting on & off over the last 3 years, Meeting media guests on cons & still getting signatures from my favorite artists & writers. Everyone collects differently & I'm a signature kinda guy ( For the most part ). I've changed my screen name to something that made more sense for me. Going forward I've decided I want to be a more focused collector, Putting books into the collection that I "Really" like or love. I just recently started to put books into the CGC Registry again. 

    In May of 2015 I finally got to meet Neal Adams for the first time. He is probably one of my favorite artists of all time. The experience was education for the first time I felt he was kinda stand standoffish, But I got used to it since I've now met him on more than one occasion. I had him sign my copy of Green Lantern #87 that I bought at my LCS in the mid 90's.

    Thanks for reading & Happy collecting & have a great 2018!!






  15. Hello :hi: It's been a little while since I've done a journal. A lot has changed, also a lot has stayed the same (thumbsu First off I would like to say thank you to CGC for their part in providing one of the best convention experience I've ever had! :golfclap: As a comic collector, for me when books are graded it is the final step of the journey of my books. I love the signature series program, and getting yellow labels is the cherry on top. :cloud9: Blue labels are awesome too and I enjoy having them both. This convention was the culmination of many different factors. I have my first set of books on the way back from CGC so I thought now would be the perfect time to share my experience. My 2018 Wondercon experience actually began in 2017...


  16. I submitted the form, and shipped the following 8 books to CGC today... Modern slow. Had to use my credits up for the year before membership expire/renewal.

    Anyway I'm creating this journal so others can guess the grades from the scans, and will post them once they have been returned.. We will see :popcorn:


  17. I've been giving some serious thought lately to possibly selling off the run down to #300. For one, 544 books in one run is a space issue. I need to make the most out of what space I have for comics right now and these things keep piling up! While having a full run of #1 through #544 would be sweet, I think in the long run I'd be fine with 1- 300. At least until our living situation changes and there is more space for comics. I'd like to have the full Copper Age run as those are the books I mostly started on X-Men with. After 300, things just get a little silly for a long time sadly.

    I might not do this, and I have no idea how I'd sell off 244 books if I do decide to change the focus of the run. I'm just thinking out loud.

    Anyone else here who started off working on a full run of volume 1 and changed the goal like this? Any regrets? 

    I can't imagine it ever ever being difficult nor expensive to rebuild the run later if I decide to have a complete volume 1. And it'd be something fun to work on. 

    On the other hand, I already have the books which is a pretty big point in the "just hang on to them" column, even with the storage space issue.

    What do you all think?

  18. tarcraft

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    Alright, Alright, Alright! Managed to score a number 4 of New Gods at 9.0 for a good price, under $50.

    I do not have a raw copy of this issue or even a beat up copy. Good thing I have the black and white trade copy from several years ago. 

    So far I have two slabbed New Gods issues from Jack Kirby's original run. Debating whether to get the "Return of" issues and in no rush.

    I do have a couple of raw issues of the Forever People from the same time but no slabs. That will change soon. 

    Here is a question: why was there never a crossover with OMAC and the New Gods? This would have been an idea to see where it would go.


    Update: 01/12/18

    I am about half way with my New Gods Kirby run. Have decided to send in my raw books. Not sure about a third raw book but I love the series and will get it slabbed.

    There are some readable copies I do have on hand somewhere. Did not realize there were at least three copies of #9 in my possession along with a #7. I will find more as I look back through my collection. 

    And my OMAC run is slowly closing on the gaps. May find my John Byrne OMACs and get them slabbed as well. That is for a later time.


    Update: 04/12/18 

    I have a New Gods 1 graded at 8.0. I am pleased but hoping for a 9.0. 8.0 is good.I have a number 8 graded at 6.0. The seller I bought it from neglected to tell me about water stain on the back inside page. Live and learn. I a couple of issues of 7 that I will look over to see which on is the best to send. That is later this month.