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  1. Following my journal opener which covered The Walking Dead #1, this entry covers the issue with the second-most variant covers (20) in this series - #100.

    The Walking Dead (TWD) issue #100 (July 2012) shipped with a total of 20 variant covers and had a total order of 379,000 copies. This made it the largest selling single comic of the 2010s decade, the #2 highest ordered comic of the 21st Century so far, and the #1 comic of the century for Image Comics. A special chromium wrap-around cover by Charlie Adlard priced at $9.99 had 31,000 copies out of the total order. This was the peak of TWD 'fever' before Season 3 of the TV show debuted. 

    Story summary:

    The three Saviors seen in issue 99 are complaining about the plan to attack the Alexandria Safe-Zone at dawn. One of them says that he is going to head for an unknown man by the name of Paul, who's group is farthest away. The Safe-Zone citizens are seen praying for their lives. Spencer approaches Andrea while she is keeping watch on top of the wall. Andrea is reluctant to talk to him when he starts to mention her and Rick, possibly thinking he's going to act jealous, but he instead reveals that he's happy for her and Rick.

    Eugene is seen mourning over Abraham's grave, while Father Gabriel is in the church praying. Aaron and Eric prepare for The Saviors, taking an inventory of the Safe-Zone's guns and ammunition.

    While on the road, Michonne says that the group will not make it to the Hilltop community in time. Glenn is still optimistic about it but they stop the van for the night. As Michonne takes first watch, Rick thanks her for everything, and says they'll have to be on the road by dawn. Rick says goodbye to Glenn, and states that he is happy for him. Later, as Michonne kills a few roamers, Rick takes over her shift.

    Rick sits on top of the van, barely awake, when suddenly a man catcher is put around his neck and he is pulled off the van. The perpetrator turns out to be the Savior that Rick spared on the road earlier to deliver a message to Negan. He taunts Rick, before ordering one of the three Saviors accompanying him to signal the rest. The Savior fires his gun in the air. The survivors rush out of the van only to find Rick being held hostage. Before they can even get their bearings, a truck pulls up carrying a massive group of Saviors. A man carrying a modified baseball bat asks for the leader, so the Savior that captured Rick identifies him as such. The man introduces himself as Negan.

    The Saviors line up the survivors from the van (Rick, Carl, Glenn, Maggie, Sophia, Michonne and Heath) on their knees. Negan informs the group that he wants revenge for the dead Saviors that Rick and his people killed. Negan then dictates the terms for the group's survival; everything in the Alexandria Safe-Zone now belongs to the Saviors. Negan further states that there is a new world order and that Rick and his people now follow Negan or they will die.

    Negan then tells Rick that he is going to kill one of the group to show Rick's people that he is in charge. Negan introduces his weapon of choice for the execution: Lucille - a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire. After a long narrative from Negan about who should be killed with Lucille, Negan randomly picks Glenn as his victim by playing a game of "eeny, meeny, miny, moe". Maggie panics as Glenn begs Negan not to kill him. Rick tries to intervene, but Negan snaps at Rick, telling him that there are fifty men surrounding them and they will all die if they try to stop Glenn's execution. Rick and the others remain silent and watch in horror and cry with bowed heads as Negan smashes Glenn's head in with Lucille. The first blow fractures Glenn's skull and pops out an eye (consistent with the TV show 7.01). Everyone cries, looking horrified and angry at Negan. Negan then taunts the still conscious and now brain-damaged Glenn, who reaches out and calls for Maggie. Negan then repeatedly and brutally smashes Lucille into Glenn's head, leaving a mass of broken bone, smashed brains, and spattered blood.

    Still crying for his friend, Rick angrily tells Negan "I'm going to kill you. (...) Not today, not tomorrow... but I WILL kill you". Negan gleefully tells him that he won't, as his best chance is right now. He challenges Rick to do so, though ensuring him that as soon as he does, the Saviors will kill the survivors on the spot. He also threatens to have his men gang rape Carl if Rick continues to act defiantly. After slapping Rick around, Negan once again reiterates that he's the one in charge now. He informs Rick and his group that The Saviors will be back in one week to collect half of everything in their community. He turns around, leaving the survivors with Glenn's mangled corpse.

    Comic variants:

    After #1, this is the TWD comic produced with the greatest number of variant covers - there are 20 variants as noted below in alphabetical order:

    1. 100 - Adlard and Rathburn, regular cover A
    2. 100 - Adlard variant cover
    3. 100 - Barnes & Noble Edition
    4. 100 - Chromium Edition (wraparound cover)
    5. 100 - Convention Edition
    6. 100 - Escape Edition 
    7. 100 - Hero Initiative (LE105)
    8. 100 - Hitch variant cover
    9. 100 - Lucille Edition (a Retailer Initiative, LE500)
    10. 100 - McFarlane variant cover
    11. 100 - Ottley Sketch Cover (known as the 'Comixology' variant, LE500)
    12. 100 - Ottley Variant cover
    13. 100 - Phillips variant cover
    14. 100 - Quitely variant cover
    15. 100 - Red Foil Edition (LE250)
    16. 100 - Silvestri variant cover
    17. 100 - Sketch cover
    18. 100 - Skybound Megabox Edition (the most-recently produced #100, December 2016)
    19. 100 - Second Printing
    20. 100 - Third Printing (part of the six-part #97-#102 set showing Negan holding Lucille horizontally; the other five each present as Second Printings)


    Of these 20 different covers, the Hero Initiative version is by far the rarest and most valuable with just 105 produced, each with a hand-drawn and signed cover. There are also a few, perhaps 10-15, blank covers which seem to have leaked into the market. CGC will not grade these as they are "unofficial". A separate book called the 100 Project was also produced showing each of the individually-drawn/signed covers.

    The next most-rare, at just LE250, is the Red Foil Edition showing Negan's baseball bat Lucille on the cover.

    The Lucille Edition and the Comixology variant (Ottley Sketch Cover) are equally rare and valuable, with just 500 of each produced.

  2. I've been having a lot of health issues recently, which has slowed me down some. But I am still plugging away - just finished the linework for page 24, and am beginning the linework for page 25 (out of 30). My goal at this point is to have all the linework done, as well as all the (first draft) dialogue and word balloons done, by the end of the month. I am still aiming to have the whole thing complete for a May 1st kickstarter launch, but we will see. 

    Here's the latest blog entry:

    And a panel in progress from page 19:


    19 panel 5.jpg

  3. This has been a set that has long been a dream of mine. Batman is my favorite single character in comics; the X-Men are my favorite team. I don't know how much of that is due to the fact that, when I first got into comics, X-Men, especially from the Bronze Age, were "out of reach" expensive. GS #1? X-Men #94? Yeah, ok. Not going to happen.

    But, as I slowly filled out my collection, I tended to buy more and more copies of X-Men...starting with the "cheap" #150-ish to #260. I think my first Byrne X-Men was #141 that I paid $7 for from the Land of Nevawuz in 1990, I believe. Sadly, X-Men got really hot again in 1991, and stores jacked up their prices accordingly. I wish I had known then what I know now...the $3-$4 or so I spent for copies of #183, 178, 194, etc, still aren't worth that. Sigh.

    In any event, I started to buy earlier and earlier, and by the time of eBay in the late 90s, I could finally afford "the big ones." And, by that time, the entire market took a dump, so it was a great time to be buying. I don't remember the first #94 I ever bought...I know I TRIED to buy one in a Scott's Valley comic store in 1995-1996, but that guy would not budge off of his mid-grade copy at $150 (more than OPG, for those wondering.)

    But, somewhere in the early 2000s, I completed this run, and kept buying and buying and buying, focusing more on the Byrne and earlier run, and stopping buying the vastly overprinted #150-up....except, of course, the keys, which I can never get enough of. I probably have a long box just of Mutant Massacre (#210-213.)

    In any the last couple of years, I've wanted to translate that into a 9.8 set, signed, at least by Claremont, since Byrne won't sign, and Cockrum is no longer with us. Here, then, are the results of the last couple of years of effort:



    So, I have a #127, #130, and #140 on their way back from CGC as we that makes 30 of the 50 different books.

    #94 is going to be expensive, but not too difficult when I can gather the $$. Of course, I'm missing most of the big guns...#96-#101 especially. They are tough, tough books in 9.8, especially #97-#99. 

    And, of course, some of the more expensive, like #104, 107, 109, 120, 129 are also missing. I have a #141 that should have graded 9.8, but a grader saw something that wasn't there, and graded it 9.4. It will go back for review at some point.

    But, hey...60% there. Of course, I also have a ton of 9.4s and 9.6s as a result, but least they're not worthless! And...I do have some of the most difficult books, like #114 and #116, which are a BEAR in 9.8. Just hideously difficult. They have some of the lowest 9.8 counts of the entire run, so...yay!

    When I get the others, I'll post them.

  4. Picked this one up from Pedigree Comics. A cool cover by Neal Adams on this tough to find book. Enjoy.


  5. I wanted to mention something and get your opinion on it. Recently I purchased a CGC Fantastic Four 2 from a trusted seller. I thought I would get this book while I could still afford to buy it. It's a nice looking 3.5 off white to white paged copy.  I asked the seller to send FedEx with adult signature confirmation. Basically an adult 21 and over has to sign for it.

     The seller did as I asked and I expected myself or my wife to be home to sign for it. The day it was due my wife had to leave for a doctors appointment which had been scheduled before I bought the book.  She left at 2:30pm and the driver showed up at 2:53 pm. I got home from work at 3:15 pm and the package with the comic was sitting on my front porch.   I was kind of disturbed that it was left without a signature as a neighbor had a package stolen off the front porch around Christmas. I called Fedex and asked how could it be left without a signature. I gave her the tracking number and she said it was signed for. I asked who did and the response I got was it was signed by me! I said I was still 15 miles from home at 2:53. So the driver signed my name and left it.  He signed my first initial and last name . Not how I sign by the way.  Another funny thing was the Fedex rep no longer responded to my questions about the package. It was live chat. I talked for about 10 minutes more with no response and then hung up. I got a transcript of the live chat but it had most of my questions edited out and the times changed. Interesting.  What if the package had been stolen? It was signed for with my name but I wasn't there. Has this happened to anyone else?  It was a pricey comic, I just wanted to ensure it's safe delivery. 

    On to my next subject. I often get beat on Comiclink auctions . Often the runner up bidder. I have been bidding since July of 2009 on their site. You can look at your past auction bids on the site. I decided to see what my actual record was. I added it up and I had 34 wins and 51 lost.  I was feeling somewhat bad about that thinking if that were a baseball teams record I would be in last place. Then I started thinking as a player if I went 34 for 85. I figured it up and I'm batting .400. That would make me batting champ. Now I see my auction record in a different light.


  6. This book had a lot of deep dents and general wear.  My grade prior was 3.5 after 5.0





























  7. Flash 112 $125 5.0 Website

    Flash 122 $24 2.5 EBay

    Flash 128 $31 2.5 EBay

    Avengers 17 $30 4.5 LCBS

    Avengers 18 $12 3.5 LCBS

    Avengers 19 $10 3.0 LCBS

    $15543 Remaining

    108/250 Books

    Flash 112~01.jpg

    Flash 122~01.jpg

    Flash 128~01.jpg

    Avengers 17~01.jpg

    Avengers 18~01.jpg

    Avengers 19~01.jpg

  8. On this day ... January the Fourth 2019, the Comicshop had finally went closed forever. After bit over 44 years in business since the first store opened in the 1970s, moved to its second location on 2089 West 4th Ave until 1999. Then went to move to its third location on 3518 West 4th Ave.

    I went to pay my last visit on the last Saturday of December to get my last order. Walked around the store knowing this was my last time to see the classic yellow walls and wall racks. The credits goes to the employees who had kept the traditional look for many years. I made my first visit to the old Comicshop on 2089 West 4th. That happened after I saw their first TV commercial on one Saturday morning while I was watching my daily cartoons, I was a kid back then. I had to beg my dad to drive me to this store. 

    Upon my arrival, and walked to the store and saw the famous duck sign saying “Of Course We’re Open” outside by front door. Entered inside, I was high in my mind, eyes popped when I saw so much comics and stuff everywhere. I saw the second floor. On the first floor, the guy behind the counter ( the yellow counter which you saw in the photos below) greeted me with a smile. I went upstairs and saw even MORE comics in bins and on wall rack. I was so excited and started check out the comics. I told my dad I loved the store and wanted more visits here. He knew in signing and let me get my wishes. I had many good memories throughout the 1980s during my high school days.

    I returned back to my old hometown, then to the new location and resumed my daily visits for the next 5 years to the end. I will miss the duck sign!


    Below is a copy I found online. This article explains why I loved this store. 


    The Oldest Comics Specialty Store in Western Canada

    In 2014, The Comicshop was the only store in British Columbia to be shortlisted for the Joe Shuster Award for Best Retailer in Canada, a highly esteemed honour within the industry. Original owners Ron Norton and Ken Witcher, both avid comic collectors, opened the doors of The Comicshop in 1974 to serve the city’s comics fans. Ron later bought out Ken to become sole owner in 1989. From its convenient 4th Avenue West location, the team at The Comicshop has helped Vancouverites with their comic collections for decades (and furthered its own, of course!).

    The service is friendly and the selection is vast. Stepping into the shop, you’ll be greeted with a smile by The Comicshop’s manager Keith Bickford and his colleague Brent Stratichuk, who have been bringing in new titles every week and keeping the stock updated since the mid-1980s.

    A comic collector’s dream, with new stock arriving every Wednesday, The Comicshop draws loyal customers who drop by on a weekly basis to pick up new issues and chat with Keith, Brent and the team. At The Comicshop, you’ll discover a wide selection of new and collectible comics, graphic novels, art books, toys, posters, t-shirts and all sorts of great stuff.

    Over the years, comics sort of grew up and these days the majority of our customers are adults who have been reading comics since they were kids.- Keith Bickford, manager
    The Comicshop, comics, memorabilia, new and collectible comics, graphic novels, art books, toys, posters, t-shirts

    Living the Comic Collector’s Dream

    An avid collector himself, Keith joined the team part-time in high school and never looked back. “It was a great way to make some money during high school and university, do something I enjoy, and help other comic fans. And now I’ve been working here forever!” laughs Keith.

    “I still read a lot of comics like when I first started and it’s nice because so do our customers. We have customers who have been coming here since the store opened, so even longer than I’ve been here!”

    The Comicshop, comics, memorabilia, new and collectible comics, graphic novels, art books, toys, posters, t-shirts

    Comics for All

    The highlight of running the shop for Keith is meeting and helping comic fans from all walks of life. “Back when I started working here, it was really for nerds and geeks. These days, with shows like Big Bang Theory, nerd is the new cool,” says Keith.

    “It’s really evolved over the years, the industry as a whole has become much more mainstream. Over the years, comics sort of grew up and these days the majority of our customers are adults who have been reading comics since they were kids. Our customers come from all walks of life – we have doctors, lawyers, white-collar workers, people working all around the world coming in, everyone really, so it’s really interesting that way.”

    The Comicshop, comics, memorabilia, new and collectible comics, graphic novels, art books, toys, posters, t-shirts




  9. January 2018

    Frontline Combat #13 ($19.80) + Two-Fisted Tales #40 ($14.80) w/ shipping = $40.60


    Star Spangled War Stories #25 ($7.95 + shipping = $11.90)


    All-American Men of War #10 ($35.00)


    March 2018

    All-American Men of War #8 ($20.00)


    All-American Men of War #16 ($23.50)


    April 2018

    All-American Men of War #13 ($11.99 + shipping = $16.44)


    All-American Men of War #12 ($15.00)


    May 2018

    All-American Men of War #15 ($17.50 + shipping = $20.50)


    All-American Men of War #14 ($20.00 + shipping = $24.88)


    All-American Men of War #7 ($26.00 + shipping = $30.00)

    June 2018


    Two-Fisted Tales #27 ($75.00) + Battle Cry #8 (FREE)


    October 2018

    All-American Men of War #17 ($35.00)


    November 2018

    All-American Men of War #3 ($18.95)


    December 2018

    Battlefield #4 ($65.00)


    Total amount spent on war comics in 2018 = $431.77

    62.5% were eBay purchases

    37.5% were bought locally

    None are for sale! (tsk)

  10. Pitt tribute

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    My newsstand editions Pitt #1's



    Pitt pin-up by Sam Kieth


    Select panels I like 





    Rare Pitt #1 red ashcan unsigned sighting

    Pitt #1 CGC grade 10 sighting

  11. I have a veritable cornucopia of comics, and I've been schlepping them all over the world.  

    Back in June we finally settled on a place to live after a year of aimless wondering, stuff comes out of storage, comic boxes go into the basement.  Too many comic boxes.  So I think, "what's the point?"  I don't follow anything anymore, I'm never gonna go back and read em.  The ones I love I know by heart and why have ones that I don't love?

    So I hatched this idea to finish my X-Men run and sell ALL (meaning most) of the rest.  I don't need much:

    3, 65, 69, 70, 72, 73, 75, 76, 77, 79, 80, 81, 82, 83, 84, 85, 91 and a handful in the 500s.  Giant size #1 and Hulk #181 aren't "in" the run, but ... seems I should add those too :)

    I was kinda shocked when I made this list.  I've been picking up odds and ends over the years without much of a plan.  Stumble on a high grade book priced below value?  Grabbed it.  Wasn't very aggressive about it, or even organized,  Just chipped away at it.  I even have some SA books I got out of  the ¢5 bin (back in the 80s).  Unfortunately they marked the covers with a marker ...

    So here's the plan:
    I'm slabbing all my high quality doubles and selling them.  If that goes well I'll attack the non X-men titles (Pretty typical hodgepodge for a marvel fan late 70's early 80s - Avengers, FF, Spiderman).  There are some random SA books, but not much high grade.  So even though I don't need a lot of books, I'm going to have to sell a ton of em to get high grade.  I'm kinda vaguely considering upgrading the grade of some books I own ... but first, finish

  12. I combed through my Wonder Woman collection and found 6 books that all appeared to be VF/NM 9.0-ish & have confirmed I'm a terrible grader when it comes to older books.  Of the 6, one came back higher & fortunately for me, it is the one book I shelled out the most $ for, Wonder Woman #156.  

    The other books included #137 (6.0), 161 (4.0) 177 (7.0), 179 (6.5) & 204 (7.5) - I'll have to review the grader notes, especially on #161, as all of these books looked so much better than the results.

    The question I have for the community is...  When sending in books for grading and having some poor results, does 1 book make it all worth it?  When I look at this one, I have to say, it does!




  13. So the whole need journal thing is interesting. Trying to wrap my head around how to proceed, I really do miss my 60 post from the previous one. I'  going to sit on it tonight,  and maybe get back to posting some of my recent pick ups. I finished my batman silver age villain run, and I got a little heavy into the cgc sketches. Here is one for two for the mean time while i decide. Thanks for looking Jim 



    NealAdamsBatman 1.jpeg


  14. Jon

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    No journal entries yet

  15. Best2u
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    Just a small entry to thank CGC for my recent Best Of Bronze Age award. 

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    Approximately one Spawn comic posted daily for 365 days- through the upcoming film and milestone issue #300.

    The majority of these issues are original owner, and as of this posting I am only missing one issue (#150) from being completely current.

    I will reserve Sundays for posting a Spawn spinoff or one-shot at my discretion. 

  16. Wow, last month I found out that my little niche set of 33 DC Bicentennial comics was awarded one of the Best Bronze Age sets for 2018, a very nice recognition I must say :bigsmile:  Mahalo nui loa (thank you very much) to CGC!

    And, even sweeter, I just picked up a replacement for one of the issues in the set - going from a CGC 9.0 WP to CGC 9.8 WP and gaining 98 more points! Although it's unlikely I could ever make a complete set of all 9.8 WP issues, I'm hoping to at least upgrade all the 9.0 and 9.2 comics to a 9.4 or 9.6. Attached is a pic of Our Fighting Forces 168.

    On my way, slowly! Hope everyone is enjoying their collections!


    Our Fighting Forces 168.jpg

  17. Hey ladies and gents,

       I've been trying to compile a list of the top 25 bronze age marvel books for myself as a small checklist. I was hoping to get some feedback if you feel I've omitted or forgotten something that should be on this list. Conversely if you feel there are books on here that shouldn't be please feel to offer your opinions and feedback. I've tried to stick to first appearances mostly and the order is how I remembered them not in order of importance. Thank you all very much, all the best!!!!







    1- Hulk 181                                
    2- Amazing Spiderman 129    
    3- Giant Size X-Men 1
    4- Marvel Spotlight 5
    5- Werewolf By Night 32
    6- Tomb of Dracula 10
    7- X- Men 94
    8- Hero For Hire 1 
    9- Iron Man 55
    10- X- Men 101
    11- Ms. Marvel 1
    12- Conan The Barbarian 1
    13- Amazing Spiderman 121
    14- Amazing Spiderman 122 
    15- Marvel Premier 15
    16- Iron Fist 14    
    17- Amazing Adventures 11
    18- Amazing Spiderman 194
    19- Daredevil 131
    20- Nova 1
    21- Cat 1
    22- Night Nurse 1
    23- Hulk 141
    24- Star Wars 1
    25- Strange Tales 180

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    My days of collecting anything and everything are over. After accumulating almost 100,000 comics (most of them worthless), I decided to strip my collection down to 50 comics. The 1st 30 keepers were pretty easy, but it got much harder as I got toward #50. This journal will document my "One in /One out" strategy of collecting from this day forward. I added scans of all 50 comics, so I can sift through my comics without having to get them out of safe storage.  I have new additions on the way, so I will share my thought process on each one I kick out. This is primairly for my amusement, but feel free to comment on the decisions that I make!


    Scan_20180906 (8).png

  18. Howdy Doody!

          I may start saying that more as a greeting to people even though the comic book I discovered those two words together on creeps me out.  A lot.


    That's just scary.  Worse than pretty much any pre-code horror comic IMO.  If I came home from work to see that sitting on my kitchen counter I'd freak out.  :fear:Then I'd go grab my dad's nail gun :devil:

    Anyway, what's up?  How's the hunt for your grail?  Or the non-hunt?  Maybe your grail is a common key book that you see listed multiple places everyday that is just so expensive you have to save up for a quarter-century to afford it...all the while it's going up in price faster than your raises at work are coming?  Either way, I hope you all are making progress.  And if you are one of those collectors that owns their grail already...don't tell me about it lol

    For me, it's Captain America Comics #1.  That's it.  It could be worse.  There are 7 more valuable books I could have chosen lol Then again, it could be a whole lot better!!  Why can't I desire Airboy #1 or Bulletman #1?  Why?  WHY?!  Whether I ever own a Cap #1 someday I do not know, but I'll die tryin' as they say.

    For now, I'll continue collecting the other 78 issues in the glorious golden age run.  Speaking of which, I just replaced the raw Cap #76 I traded with cash for a CGC 3.0SS Cap #78 back in September 0f 2016.  I picked this up from the Second City Collection that was on ComicConnect this past June.



    It's got a fair amount of restoration done to it.  I've never had a book that had its cover re-glossed.  Actually, it's the most restored book I've ever bought, but if it's not brittle or trimmed, I'm game!  How else am I going to get the entire run in any sort of...timely...manner......?


    So, I'm more than happy to have it.  It's a white Cap cover which, besides #70, there isn't any others!  I like it!

    Non Cap related, while browsing the July ComicLink auction I set my eyes upon a Fight Comics #80 for the first time.  A beautiful Maurice Whitman cover!  "Have to have it", I thought to myself.


    But I guess I didn't have to have it since I stopped bidding early on and didn't win it :sorry:

    Thankfully, two copies showed up on eBay soon after that lost auction, which I gobbled up.  Not as high grade but they'll do!


    Maurice knew how to draw females!  He had a few covers of Cowgirl Romances, but I just can't get into those.  I just can't "Ride Fast for Wyoming" if you know what I mean :shy:

    Anywho, while browsing the usual auction sites and jotting down issues I'd like to bid for on way too many post it notes that are taking over my computer monitor, I see a Cap #66 CGC 3.5 listed on eBay in a true auction style format.  Finally, since most all the BIN for Cap's are way, way too high to even look at for the better part of a minute.  I was interested in winning this book even though I had a copy already.  My copy though, if you don't recall, is a true beater.  Faded, ripped, chipped, written on, chunk missing, rusted upon and soiled! 



    That's still fine by me, but this 3.5 looked like a 9.0 compared to it.  So I won the 3.5 and sold my undercopy on eBay which helped offset the sting of upgrading a bit.

    My new Captain America Comics #66!!



    That will probably be the only time I upgrade before I grab each issue in the series, unless a deal presents itself.  Yes, I would end up with better books in the end upgrading as I also acquire, but that would slow down my pace to even slower than it's already tricklingo.O

    So, those are the two new additions to the Cap collection.  That brings my total to sweet 16!

    #27 raw

    #33 2.0R

    #44 raw

    #53 raw

    #66 3.5

    #67 2.5

    #68 raw

    #69 3.0 Can. Ed.

    #70 5.0

    #71 3.0

    #73 3.5SS Can. Ed.

    #74 4.0 Can. Ed.

    #75 raw

    #76 5.0R

    #77 2.0

    #78 3.0SS

    I did send in my Cap #68 & #75 to get graded while at Boston Comic Con two weeks ago.  Hopefully they come back in the grades I expect!

    I do have my eye on one particular Cap book coming up for auction which will be a huge addition to the collection if I can land it :wishluck:

    Until next time...keep pressing forward!


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    I just bought Spider-Gwen #5 CGC#1594823016 signed by Stan Lee; the Aja Variant Cover.

    The label says Stan Lee signed the comic on 11/28/2018—that’s an improbability. Today’s date (as of this writing) is 8/15/2018. Did a mysterious benefactor traveled into the future and have Stan Lee autograph the comic? Doubt it. The obvious answer is, he signed the comic in “January” instead of “November” of 2018. CGC must’ve accidentally hit “11” instead of just “1” for the month. Does an error like this affect the antiunity of the signature or value of the comic?

    I would love to hear any feedback on this. 


    I know after 11/28/2018 nobody will believe me or even care about this mistake.


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    Just thought I would start a journal showing any pickups of comics or sundries lol

    All nonsense encouraged


  19. On the lookout for a high grade #1 , but here is a high grade set of 2 through 4.






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    It's been awhile since my last Journal post. My last post was made May 22, 2015. This is my first journal post under the new format, I haven't decided if I like it or not. It's alot easier to use that's for sure, It reminds of the dashboard in WordPress. I've been collecting on & off over the last 3 years, Meeting media guests on cons & still getting signatures from my favorite artists & writers. Everyone collects differently & I'm a signature kinda guy ( For the most part ). I've changed my screen name to something that made more sense for me. Going forward I've decided I want to be a more focused collector, Putting books into the collection that I "Really" like or love. I just recently started to put books into the CGC Registry again. 

    In May of 2015 I finally got to meet Neal Adams for the first time. He is probably one of my favorite artists of all time. The experience was education for the first time I felt he was kinda stand standoffish, But I got used to it since I've now met him on more than one occasion. I had him sign my copy of Green Lantern #87 that I bought at my LCS in the mid 90's.

    Thanks for reading & Happy collecting & have a great 2018!!