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  1. john ivic
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    Just picked this one up on ebay, my best offer being accepted. Don't pick up many books nowadays with this original CGC label. And there are very few copies of this one on the census. Enjoy.


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    I just bought Spider-Gwen #5 CGC#1594823016 signed by Stan Lee; the Aja Variant Cover.

    The label says Stan Lee signed the comic on 11/28/2018—that’s an improbability. Today’s date (as of this writing) is 8/15/2018. Did a mysterious benefactor traveled into the future and have Stan Lee autograph the comic? Doubt it. The obvious answer is, he signed the comic in “January” instead of “November” of 2018. CGC must’ve accidentally hit “11” instead of just “1” for the month. Does an error like this affect the antiunity of the signature or value of the comic?

    I would love to hear any feedback on this. 


    I know after 11/28/2018 nobody will believe me or even care about this mistake.


  2. Hello and welcome to my thirteenth entry under the 'Comic Shops I've Farted In' overarching journal heading. I do like my headings to overarch. They say that 13 is 'unlucky for some'. Well it was certainly unlucky for Incognito Comics because this is how many cheese chunders I counted on my last visit. That's the last time I take my Nan to a comic shop, I'll tell you that for nothing! I won't charge you.

    Any way, she made the place uninhabitable for a good half an hour. No more cheesy quavers for you Nan I said on the bus home (on which she dropped a further four air biscuits I hasten to add. Come to think of it, has anyone ever added slowly? Why all the haste all the time?).

    It's true what they say about the old ones. They smell of wee.

    As this is my final entry (ooh missus!), I won't say 'see you next time' as that would make me a liar. And nobody likes A Liar! Except Barry Liar, who loves his wife Ann dearly.

    So, that's that. Thanks for reading.



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    Just thought I would start a journal showing any pickups of comics or sundries lol

    All nonsense encouraged


  3. Krydel4
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    Some Avengers Pickups. The #9 was a throw in by the seller when I bought #3. The cover is pretty beat but the interior is in pretty good shape.

    Avengers 2 $230 4.0 Online

    Avengers 3 $130 2.5 Ebay

    Avengers 8 $127 5 Ebay

    Avengers 9 $0 1.0 EBay

    $18711 Remaining

    83/250 books


    Avengers 2~01.jpg

    Avengers 3~01.jpg

    Avengers 8~01.jpg

    Avengers 9~01.jpg

  4. So...I'm looking through the books in the July 1st Heritage Sunday Comic auction and I see that there are three golden age Caps in there.  All raw and restored to various degrees.  The issue I'm most interested in is #65 which is an apparent VG- with slight color touch to cover and trimmed on all three sides.  Let me repeat that.  TRIMMED ON ALL THREE SIDES.  I think most collectors would agree that trimming is the worst kind of restoration a book can have since someone basically removed part of the book to make it look better.  That cannot be undone!  So I figured this book would go for "relatively cheap" since a 3.5 unrestored just sold for $685 in June of this year.  Maybe like $350-$400 I thought.  Nope.  The @%$# thing hammered at $600, which, after the buyers premium is $720!


    I can only guess the winner doesn't care about trimmed books...which, I suppose some people...may not? (shrug)

    Or maybe the winner just had to have the one cover where Cap slaps his partner?

    Either way, I wasn't paying that for that book even though it was the next book I needed on my way down from issue #78 (besides #72).  There are 38 unrestored copies on the census (give or take a few).  It's not like there are 9 or even 19.  It will come up again!

    After not winning that book (since I didn't bid due to the price already being above what I was comfortable with) it allows me to pursue others.  The hunt is most of the fun to me anyway.  With a limited budget, you have to choose your books carefully and cannot afford (literally) to overspend.

    Keeping on track with the current series you are on can also be a challenge as well when you come across a beautiful book you want but buying it would slow down your main series collecting.  One such book last week was All Top Comics #16.  A 5.0 off-white to white pager was on eBay.  I was tempted to go after it as I love the cover.  It last sold on 6/6/16 for $825.  It was at $911 with under a minute left until it shot up to $1,336 in the last ten seconds!  A 61.7% increase in just over two years?!  Damn someone wanted that book! 


    I did win a GA Cap book from the most recent ComicConnect auction which is on its way to me now.  I'll post it as soon as it arrives!

  5. Going to be a very fun night (thumbsu Will get a family pic shortly. 


  6. I wanted to get your thoughts on what do you consider to be slow shipping when you buy a comic online?  I did a" Buy It now" from Metropolis on May 25 of a Turok 56. Nice 9.6 , good price but ultra slow shipping.  I got an email from them on June 6 saying they were about to ship. That's 12 days after purchase. They then sent an email on June 13 saying it shipped. Seven more days. It arrived June 16 finally.  Now to be fair it does state that they take 2 to 3 weeks to ship but I've never bought a comic from them that has taken more than 10 days to arrive. 

    On the same day at the same time I bought a Thor 131 9.4 from Worldwide Comics and had it 3 days later . I bought a Comic from Comiclink a few days after the Metropolis purchase and it beat the Turok here. So what do you think is slow? 

    On a brighter note I had a string of being second on online auctions come to an end with a win on Heritage the other night.  Recently on the 9.8 and 9.6's I would come up just short but finally broke through with 40 bucks to spare from my high bid.  Well today the images of those two books are not loading or any other picture or I would post them.  Sorry about that. TRYING to load again, Hope it works.

    Thor 131.JPG

  7. On the lookout for a high grade #1 , but here is a high grade set of 2 through 4.




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    It's been awhile since my last Journal post. My last post was made May 22, 2015. This is my first journal post under the new format, I haven't decided if I like it or not. It's alot easier to use that's for sure, It reminds of the dashboard in WordPress. I've been collecting on & off over the last 3 years, Meeting media guests on cons & still getting signatures from my favorite artists & writers. Everyone collects differently & I'm a signature kinda guy ( For the most part ). I've changed my screen name to something that made more sense for me. Going forward I've decided I want to be a more focused collector, Putting books into the collection that I "Really" like or love. I just recently started to put books into the CGC Registry again. 

    In May of 2015 I finally got to meet Neal Adams for the first time. He is probably one of my favorite artists of all time. The experience was education for the first time I felt he was kinda stand standoffish, But I got used to it since I've now met him on more than one occasion. I had him sign my copy of Green Lantern #87 that I bought at my LCS in the mid 90's.

    Thanks for reading & Happy collecting & have a great 2018!!






  8. Hello :hi: It's been a little while since I've done a journal. A lot has changed, also a lot has stayed the same (thumbsu First off I would like to say thank you to CGC for their part in providing one of the best convention experience I've ever had! :golfclap: As a comic collector, for me when books are graded it is the final step of the journey of my books. I love the signature series program, and getting yellow labels is the cherry on top. :cloud9: Blue labels are awesome too and I enjoy having them both. This convention was the culmination of many different factors. I have my first set of books on the way back from CGC so I thought now would be the perfect time to share my experience. My 2018 Wondercon experience actually began in 2017...


  9. I submitted the form, and shipped the following 8 books to CGC today... Modern slow. Had to use my credits up for the year before membership expire/renewal.

    Anyway I'm creating this journal so others can guess the grades from the scans, and will post them once they have been returned.. We will see :popcorn:


  10. I've been giving some serious thought lately to possibly selling off the run down to #300. For one, 544 books in one run is a space issue. I need to make the most out of what space I have for comics right now and these things keep piling up! While having a full run of #1 through #544 would be sweet, I think in the long run I'd be fine with 1- 300. At least until our living situation changes and there is more space for comics. I'd like to have the full Copper Age run as those are the books I mostly started on X-Men with. After 300, things just get a little silly for a long time sadly.

    I might not do this, and I have no idea how I'd sell off 244 books if I do decide to change the focus of the run. I'm just thinking out loud.

    Anyone else here who started off working on a full run of volume 1 and changed the goal like this? Any regrets? 

    I can't imagine it ever ever being difficult nor expensive to rebuild the run later if I decide to have a complete volume 1. And it'd be something fun to work on. 

    On the other hand, I already have the books which is a pretty big point in the "just hang on to them" column, even with the storage space issue.

    What do you all think?

  11. A few months into 1989 and Chuck's NICE newsletters expanded in size, mainly due to more book reviews and the large appetite in investing by comic collectors. All of that while Indie books were starting to cool off


    But that didnt stop Chuck from advising us on hot upcoming new indies:


    Whats that youre telling me? A new adult line of books, with 2 variants? tiny print run?? lord have mercy, this will HAVE to be the next Cherry/Omaha! Or maybe the next Black Kiss? hm 

    And yes, of course, Abyss will naturally the next Aliens! See how this all makes sense?

    Lets continue:


    How amazing is it to read about all these spec books which ended up being complete duds? I cant imagine anyone even thinking of buying any of these books today even for nostalgic purposes. But if you think Chuck ran out of ways to sell you on books, think again:


    But Chuck didnt just stop at speculating on comic books. There were also RPG, boxer shorts and mugs:


    And Ill end this entry with a little bit of Chuck past spec history, from the man himself:


    I would have looooved to see a spec article from him about Marvel's New Universe when it came out. Why, he'd probably push the heck out of those titles and guarantee you a sure premium on Merc and Spitfire!

    EDIT: I did want to mention that this month saw the release of Vampire Lestat #1 which became Innovation's first commercial success and soon after launched a series of other Anne Rice adaptations all resulting in a major boost in secondary market prices. And yes, this was another big book that Chuck missed, much like all of them really.



  12. I just wanted to put an update! Nothing crazy in the sales, but got sold some random glassware (haha, with proceeds going towards comic fund) and listed a few small 'lots' on craigslist today. Within 10 minutes got an inquiry for my Wolverine #1-4 (regular series, 1988?). Nice fellow, looked at conditions when we met nearby and paid full price. Very rare to not get a haggler on CL! Hopefully my other sets sell quickly. I plan to put more up soon.

    So my goal again is to save up my funds to purchase something that is higher than my normal purchase range. I already have my eye on a comic that I want (possibly within my normal range) on ebay. Resisting urge to purchase!!! 



  13. FutureFlash
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    Stumbled upon an issue I have been looking for...oddly no other Swamp Thing comics with it. Unfortunately it has a couple of small flaws to keep it out of the 9.6/9.8 range so won't be able to add it to my Moore Swamp Thing CGC run.



  14. I have roughly 8000 books, mostly bronze and copper age, peppered with silver, and a handful of golden, all completed with some moderns.
    First comic I bought was Web of Spiderman 17, at the local Circle K store in denver colorado.
    I did some weekend work at the mile hi comics warehouse at one point, and was paid in back issues of web of spiderman.
    I immediately fell in love with the X-men, and #207 was my first issue.
    Since I purchased that #207, I have completed a run from 94-544, with the annuals, and giant size issues.  #94 is CGC 8.5 Universal. Currently working on 1-93, and have only 33 issues remaining, with the main one being #1.

    I've managed to buy about 4000 bulk comics, which included a run from 144-350 or something like that, so I have duplicates.  

    I'm primarily a Marvel fan, but do have a fair amount of DC, with my focus being on the Flash.  That run will be probably the next complete set I work on.  I went through the Image phase, missed the walking dead, but have a nice set of Peter Panzerfaust, with a #1 CGC 9.8 that I enjoy.

    I've recently started browsing again after the divorce was final, and have ventured out to the shops, antique stores and CON's as they happen.

    I'm in the bay area now, and my comic shop of choice was Flying Colors.  BUT, I don't purchase new comics any more.  The last new comic I bought was the Death of Wolverine series, and so now my time is spent filling in the holes from 1963 to a few years ago.

    So, I thought I'd throw this up here to keep a running documentation of where I'm at, and to share with those that may be curious.

  15. This month ... March 2018 ... has marked the end of my daily new comic book purchases that I had ordered and picked from the LCS every month or biweekly. That had went on for 44 years. Last week I had picked up my last new comic book with my other orders. Only one single comic book! Finished. I think back all the years I went into the store thrilled in getting my daily dose of new comic books, to read new stories and had fun. Not anymore now. It is strange but not disappointed because I can still get my hardcover volumes with reprinted classic stories, graphic novel books and other items at the LCS. So, I can still go visit the LCS a little longer. 

    But this day marks the beginning of the end on my visits to the LCS. How longer will it last? That, I do not know until I have completed my collection. With the new comic books stopped ordered and closed, what is left for me? Good question. However, this chapter is done and closed, a new chapter begins.

    What I know is that it means I am now totally focused on fulfilling my collection in finding pre-1975 books to fill up all the gaps. It means more trips to comic book cons and small shows in my region as far I can go if my budget allows.

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    I sent in a CBCS Thor book I acquired off eBay 10/22/2016. It was a 3.5. It came back today from CGC and had a new grade of 4.0. Very pleased with the new grade.

    Journey Into Mystery #88.jpg

  16. Marvel Comics

    Amazing Spider-Man 200, great Anniversary issue.

    Highest graded copy I have owned, still have my reading copy.

    Bought this from a board member.



  17. This one just came by UPS today. At this moment it is the single highest graded copy and the next closest grade is a 7.5. I bought it from eBay and I even thought the price was good. I have spent so much time on my GI Combat set, the Our Fighting Forces  set (among others) has been neglected. September - October 1961, I'm happy to be able to add this one!

    Our Fighting Forces 63 ft.jpg