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Tomb of Dracula #1:

So in October of 2006 I purchased my first CGC graded comic--Tomb of Dracula #1.. A cover that had been engraved in my earliest memories of childhood, and a series which I could not fully appreciate until I was a teenager. I had decided this was an issue that I would like to own a preserved graded copy of.  Well after receiving this copy, I had decided that I was going to try and complete the series in a grade of 9.2 and higher (high grade for me ;) )-- It's been a long and fun journey as I'm nearing completion of this set....

Issue #1 (April 1972) - "Dracula" -Written by Gerry Conway, Art by Gene Colan , and Cover by Neal Adams (inked by Marie Severin)

Tomb of Dracula #01.jpg


On February 10, 1974 Amazing Spider-Man #129 was released, and so was the first appearance of Frank Castle--The Punisher, coincidentally this was also the first comic I would pick off a spinner rack at the local corner store, and purchase. And So began my hobby of collecting comics.

Here we are 43 years later, and I still have this special issue today.. It has been through a lot, and shows, although I have an upgraded copy of this issue the value of this one is priceless in memories for me. Happy Birthday Frank ...