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This one just came by UPS today. At this moment it is the single highest graded copy and the next closest grade is a 7.5. I bought it from eBay and I even thought the price was good. I have spent so much time on my GI Combat set, the Our Fighting Forces  set (among others) has been neglected. September - October 1961, I'm happy to be able to add this one!

Our Fighting Forces 63 ft.jpg


I had been eyeing some of these for a while so I finally put some of my extras on eBay to help fund the purchase. The first six were buys so I was able to negotiate a better price but the last two were auctions, so I paid dearly for them. There was someone who wanted them nearly as much as I did. All of them are the highest graded and five of them are the single highest graded. To view the set:


GI Combat 106 ft.jpg

GI Combat 107 ft.jpg

GI Combat 116 ft.jpg

GI Combat 123 ft.jpg

GI Combat 126 ft.jpg

GI Combat 132 ft.jpg

GI Combat 133 ft.jpg

GI Combat 48 ft.jpg


We drove to Dover this morning to attend the comic con, about an hour each way. I live in Milton Delaware where we don't even have a LCS. Lots of costumes, food but not a lot of comics. Most were priced at $1 - $3, with very few silvers or golds. Lots of artists though and plenty of novelties. Harry potter wand booth, toys everywhere, costume contest and all kinds of neat crafts. The stay puft marshmallow man (turns out to be a woman) looks a bit deflated and smaller than I remember. It was a fun time!










The Haunted Tank!

GI Combat 152,This arrived yesterday! An upgrade for my set. Highest grade, 1 of 3.  Almost sounds like a Borg designation! Anyway picked this one up from eBay for a reasonable price. If anyone has something higher than what I have in my set, and you might consider selling it, let me know! Thanks!

GI Combat 152 ft.jpg


September 1958

Picked this one up from another member and it just got here today! Single highest graded (as of 6/2017). A very nice upgrade for my set as the other one was a 5.5. Always liked the Joe Kubert covers too.

GI Combat 64 ft.jpg


This has been a really great year for adding to and upgrading my GI Combat set. Possibly as many as 30 upgrades this year alone. The one pictured is the latest one. A really nice 1961 Kubert cover. The downside is that I have many very nice graded duplicates now and I'm really not sure what to do with them. Sure, I could sell them, but would much rather trade for someone else's extras. And I pretty much don't care what they are! As kids growing up in the 50s and 60s we read everything, but war comics were big. We read Superman, Batman and Hawkman too along with many others. Spidey came later. Can I be the only collector with duplicate graded copies? Here are some of my extras:


Thanks for reading and looking!


GI Combat 85 ft.jpg