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What happens when a collector startes to deviate from his collecting focus....

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A few years back Sharonville sold a copy of this book on the boards and I fell in love withheld perspective of the cover shot, and the fact t thatched book was pre-assembled involvement in WWII (1940). So here we go another genre, another deviation from my "focus" Sky Blazers #2!

s-l1600 (1).jpg


Snagged this book from Billy. It wasn't quite the iconic Gga I was looking for, but when someone posts. WINDY city per book for a couple of bills you type take it fast and think about it later."A. Wallace" in small print up near the title, and a bit of a miscut, but it all adds to the charm. And she does have that come hither look in her eyes....





For s solid 3-4 years I collected two things only. GA sci-fi and Okajima pedigrees. Luckily for my pocketbook neither came up often or in prices I liked, so I slowly built my collection. But then last year, with a new job I decided I was tired of being on the sidelines for so many other books, so I broke my restrictions and started buying books I thought were good buys, nice covers or just plain cool. 


First up was this vampire cover on Mystic 17 that I found here on the boards. A "PCH" for my collection, and I was off and running.