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What happens when a collector startes to deviate from his collecting focus....

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Back in 2014 I began making plans to move abroad. Expecting to have to downsize to smaller accommodations in Europe I sold off a huge chunk of my Comic book library (graphic novels, hardcovers, omnibuses and custom bound editions). Well I'm back in the US now and have started to work to rebuild my library. I thought it would be fun to track my progress here, and provide some reviews along the way. 

As it is with books, some books I sold for a pretty penny have gone back into print and are now very affordable. Other titles that I created my own custom binds of have now had published volumes created (Gotham Central, DC 1 Million, etc), while other titles that were previously affordable have become difficult to find and have launched in price (why oh why did I sell them!??!). 

If you want to see the original sales thread it is here:

Or just take a look at the Bookshelves I was selling from... Im not looking to perfectly replicate the collection, but it gives me a jumping off point for my hunt (and isn't the hunting the most fun part?)

So pull up a rich corinthian leather chair, put on your smoking jacket and join me in Miraclemet's collected editions library...





Ok this lady is rough, subscription crease (ok not really a subscription crease, since this was probably not a subscription order, more likely a "fold it in half so no one sees the cover and shove it in my back pocket" crease) along with a ring "stain" (color loss, we'll see about water damage), and a rough spine... but Intimite Confessions #1 is one of those "Bombshell" bad girl covers, that you just cant hate, no matter the condition... Red dresss, blonde hair, stole, plunging neck line, this lady has it all! And she's mine.





Just a classic GGA cover in my book, Torchy 4. There are quite a few great Torchy covers (really there are no losers in the 6 issue run). #4 though is the swimsuit edition, with the periscope gag (how do all those subs fit in that space!?!?!). 

The old piece of tape that is holding the tear in place on the bottom edge is actually on the back of the cover (with the adhesive making the discoloring thru the cover material). And some cheeky kid decided to draw on the first page in the margin to hide the fact that the cover's bottom corner was missing. Such a fun book to have, I dont care about the old "enhancements"  This was my first GGA/Cheesecake cover as I started to expand my collection this year. 




Wings 61.  Not the mintiest of copies, but I'll always pay $40 for a favorite cover as long as the cover image presents well. I love the deep colors in this copy. The blacks and dark browns drip. I love the Lee Elias cover with the two gunners back to back with each other, and the frame of the plan around them.  The gunners with their oxygen masks so they can work in the open fuselage at higher altitudes. Just great details. 


s-l1600 (1).jpg

A few years back Sharonville sold a copy of this book on the boards and I fell in love withheld perspective of the cover shot, and the fact t thatched book was pre-assembled involvement in WWII (1940). So here we go another genre, another deviation from my "focus" Sky Blazers #2!



Snagged this book from Billy. It wasn't quite the iconic Gga I was looking for, but when someone posts. WINDY city per book for a couple of bills you type take it fast and think about it later."A. Wallace" in small print up near the title, and a bit of a miscut, but it all adds to the charm. And she does have that come hither look in her eyes....



For a solid 3-4 years I collected two things only. GA sci-fi and Okajima pedigrees. Luckily for my pocketbook neither came up often or in prices I liked, so I slowly built my collection. But then last year, with a new job I decided I was tired of being on the sidelines for so many other books, so I broke my restrictions and started buying books I thought were good buys, nice covers or just plain cool.  First up was this vampire cover on Mystic 17 that I found here on the boards. A "PCH" for my collection, and I was off and running.