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I have not written a journal since before the format change. I had the two password issue. I wish things were not changed but I will attempt to use it.  I quoted Ultron in my title as I finally completed my Voyage to The Bottom of the Sea set. I have been searching for years for a high grade copy of Four Color 1230 which was the movie comic and first issue of the title.  Metropolis had a 7.0 raw about five years ago but it looked like a 6.0 at best and I didn't buy it.  A few months back a 6.0 CGC came up and I really wanted to get the big 100% so I bought it.

It is the best I can do . The search will continue  and someday I might find a better copy. A 7.5 White Mountain copy is the best CGC copy out there and has been for years. I did pick up a somewhat scarce Buck Rogers in The 25 TH Century #8 CGC 9.0 recently which was distributed in multi-packs only.  My best find from the Gem City Comic Con in April was a raw Thor 126 which I got for $150.00.( It graded 8.0 off-white to white} I found it in the first five minutes of the early buyer part of the show and thought I'm off to a great start but everything was downhill from there.  Upgraded my Journey into Mystery 121 with a 9.4 recently.  The recent Comiclink auction had many books I wanted but my Arizona vacation and prior comic buying did not allow me to bid on only a few of them. I did win the Space Family Robinson #9 Double cover I wanted though.  Still waiting on them to be added to my set. Still hoping my old journals will show up soon , not sure what the status is on those. I hope they aren't lost in space.


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Last October on the way back from a mini vacation in Kentucky I stopped in four Cincinnati area comic shops. I'd been in two of the four before. One of them Up, Up and Away Comics said they had opened a new shop in the suburb of Blue Ash . It was on the way home and just off the interstate so I pulled off and proceeded to a really nice plaza. I saw the sign and walked in the door.

To my surprise it looked like I walked into an upscale store of some kind.  A young lady walked up to me and asked if I need help and I said "Is this Up Up and Away Comics? I thought I went in the wrong door outside. She said it was and I said I have never saw a shop look like this one.  She explained that it was a former design center that went out of business.  So instead of the landlord remodeling the owner said why change something that looks so nice.  The Silver age comics were in a small well lit glass room near the center of the store. Very upscale.

One feature which was unusual was a huge Lego bridge which was a scale version of an old bridge over the Ohio river. I have attached a picture of it and the main hallway of the shop.

Not your average shop.