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This journal is to track my progress on my Wolverine 1988 run

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"1988 Wolverine Issue 88 CGC 9.8 True Non-Deluxe"

Last Saturday night (9/23/17) I was doing my usual late night surfing of the boards and I came across a WTS post from labratnotincluded selling one of his copies of Wolverine 102.5 CGC 9.8. This is probably the rarest book from the 1988 set so I immediately open the post to check it out. As expected the book was awesome but also as expected it was way more than I can spend on a book.  Where this entry get its name was something he wrote in the section talking about possible trades. “I'd con




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Thousands of Back Issues

In my first entry I mentioned the lot of wolverine back stock I purchased around 2009 that has just been sitting in my old bedroom at my mother’s house. I recently went and got those and decided to finally make my way through them all and see what I have. This is a huge task for me because I’ve never really had to handle this many comics but it will also be instrumental in helping me get to my end goal of my CGC 9.8 run.  I didn’t really know where to start so I just set up as many folding table






I started reading Wolverine comic somewhere during the winter of 1993, right after the cartoon started playing on television. I remember it all pretty well. I lived in Boston, me and my friends would shovel people houses out when it snowed for money. Then we would take our hard earned money and jump on the No 35 bus to West Roxbury to spend it all on comics. I remember the issues in mid 60’s and I remember being blown away by Issue 75 later on that year. I was always on hunt for the back issues