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My CGC Experience - Education and Patience

I have been active with CGC submissions for a little over 2 years now. As i have stated before I have collected for over 50 years now .. certainly not as sophisticated a collector as a lot of you , but someone who read and loved comics in the early 60's and kept going back to it after small lulls every few years. The forums and discussions here are great and have been educational for someone like me who before this age of automation looked forward to the yearly Overstreet update to try to lea

To Be Continued - Those three dreaded words

Before the introduction of the local comic shop, as a small town youth in the 60's, the comic world initially seemed so simple and it all wrapped up neatly for me. I would travel with my mom to the grocery and drugstore and check the comic rack and get 2 comics for my quarter. DC and Marvel both seemed to neatly wrap up a story line in a single issue. Then came spring of 1964....I went to the grocery store and started to look through the comic section and I see 2 of my favorites - Fantastic Fo

Weekend Treasure Hunts!!!!!!

Going through boxes of books and forgetting what I had purchased and put away.... I'm sure a lot of collectors on here do this on a regular basis . Since signing up for CGC I've been sending in many of my silver-age books I've collected over the years for grading. I now find myself spending time on weekends going through boxes of books and discovering many lost treasures that I simply had forgotten about. A few weekends ago I stumbled upon a tupperware container of action figures and discov

Collecting - Lack of Focus or just enjoying the journey

Progressing from buying based on great covers to being a completest to going back to buying and reading the books and covers I enjoy It started as kid judging a book by its cover.. I had to spend my 25 cents carefully and the cover art usually sold the book to me. The great covers and hype by Stan Lee usually won me over.. FF25 Hulk vs Thing was and still is one of my favorites. Years later I was determined to have complete runs of all silver age marvels then just when I was nearly there my

50 Years of collecting - A great journey with a Great Hobby

Sept 1963 .... Spider-Man #4 It started 50 years ago this month ..I picked up a copy of Spider-Man #4 and I was hooked. Every trip to the grocery store became a major decision on which two 12 cent books I could purchase with the quarter my Mom gave me to spend. Within the next few months I was immersed in a world created by Lee,Kirby and Ditko. Avengers, JIM, Tales of Suspense almost every title kept me reading and finding an escape dictated by Stans storytelling. As the years passed my intere