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Well since the old journal format is gone I guess I'll try the new format. Right away I'm having issues...can't seem to fix the position of the picture, even though it appears correctly before uploading. Sigh. Anyway, thanks to dreamtoreal1 for this beauty. Excited to have ronnylama press it and get Claremont sign it at ECCC in March. Hoping for a 9.2 or better, but you never know sometimes. Hope everyone has a great 2018! 


Til next time...


Iron Fist 14.jpg

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My First NEW Journal

Well, I can't seem to get the photo to display correctly, even though it shows correct before uploading, but here is my first new journal attempt. I tried to post earlier today, but the post never showed up...weird. Anyway, thank you to dreamtoreal1 for this sharp looking Iron Fist 14. I'm really looking forward to Ronnylama pressing it and then Chris Claremont signing it at ECCC this year. Hoping it comes back at least 9.2 but sometimes you never know. Hope everyone has a great year! Til next time...   ***