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Let's start a journal, share a little about my collection, and what my goals are.


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X-Men.. A complete run journey.

I have roughly 8000 books, mostly bronze and copper age, peppered with silver, and a handful of golden, all completed with some moderns. First comic I bought was Web of Spiderman 17, at the local Circle K store in denver colorado. I did some weekend work at the mile hi comics warehouse at one point, and was paid in back issues of web of spiderman. I immediately fell in love with the X-men, and #207 was my first issue. Since I purchased that #207, I have completed a run from 94-544, with




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Youfoundjake's CGC Journey

Old Collector, New to Slabbing I collected comics from 1987 to 1993. In that period of time, I managed to get quite a bit of current issues, and grew my back issue inventory quite well. My pride and joy is the Uncanny X-Men 94-300 with a Giant Size #1. I managed to have fairly large runs, New Mutants, X-Factor, Flash vol2, and limited series's out the wazoo.. Then I joined the USMC and everything got stuck in storage. Roughly 3300 comics and graphic novels. Fast forward to 4 months ag