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Let's start a journal, share a little about my collection, and what my goals are.


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X-Men.. A complete run journey.

I have roughly 8000 books, mostly bronze and copper age, peppered with silver, and a handful of golden, all completed with some moderns.
First comic I bought was Web of Spiderman 17, at the local Circle K store in denver colorado.
I did some weekend work at the mile hi comics warehouse at one point, and was paid in back issues of web of spiderman.
I immediately fell in love with the X-men, and #207 was my first issue.
Since I purchased that #207, I have completed a run from 94-544, with the annuals, and giant size issues.  #94 is CGC 8.5 Universal. Currently working on 1-93, and have only 33 issues remaining, with the main one being #1. I've managed to buy about 4000 bulk comics, which included a run from 144-350 or something like that, so I have duplicates.   I'm primarily a Marvel fan, but do have a fair amount of DC, with my focus being on the Flash.  That run will be probably the next complete set I work on.  I went through the Image phase, missed the walking dead, but have a nice set of Peter Panzerfaust, with a #1 CGC 9.8 that I enjoy. I've recently started browsing again after the divorce was final, and have ventured out to the shops, antique stores and CON's as they happen. I'm in the bay area now, and my comic shop of choice was Flying Colors.  BUT, I don't purchase new comics any more.  The last new comic I bought was the Death of Wolverine series, and so now my time is spent filling in the holes from 1963 to a few years ago. So, I thought I'd throw this up here to keep a running documentation of where I'm at, and to share with those that may be curious.




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Youfoundjake's CGC Journey

Old Collector, New to Slabbing I collected comics from 1987 to 1993. In that period of time, I managed to get quite a bit of current issues, and grew my back issue inventory quite well. My pride and joy is the Uncanny X-Men 94-300 with a Giant Size #1. I managed to have fairly large runs, New Mutants, X-Factor, Flash vol2, and limited series's out the wazoo.. Then I joined the USMC and everything got stuck in storage. Roughly 3300 comics and graphic novels. Fast forward to 4 months ago, I grabbed all 12 of my long boxes and started putting them into a database, (online database didn't exist in my day, a red binder with 3 hole punch paper was my database) After seeing that my collection I paid roughly $5000 for, I eventually saw a total value of about $24,000. Nice.. So seeing as how I just came back to collecting, I learned about the crash from the 90's, and the birth of CGC. After much deliberating, I submitted my first book. Uncanny X-men #94. I purchased it for $100 originally. A unfortunate side note about this particular issue, is that it is signed by Chris Claremont and Bob Mcleod, pre-CGC, which means that this book doesn't qualify for SS, which is kind of a bummer. But the graders notes do indicate that it is signed, even if the label doesn't. http://i1182.photobucket.com/albums/x452/youfoundjake/Uncanny%20X-Men/xmen94front.jpg http://i1182.photobucket.com/albums/x452/youfoundjake/Uncanny%20X-Men/xmen94back.jpg http://i1182.photobucket.com/albums/x452/youfoundjake/Uncanny%20X-Men/signed94.jpg To see old comments for this Journal entry, click here. New comments can be added below.