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Swamp Thing #8



Okay back to the Swamp Thing read- a-thon!


Swamp Thing #8

Cover Impressions:

Swampy and Liz are on a walk, in the background is skull shaped mountain...creepy.




Swamp Thing #8 (December, 1982)

Cover Price: $.60
Title: Here's Looking At You, Kid
Writer-Martin Pasko
Art-Tom Yeates
Editor-Len Wein
Colorist-Tatjana Wood
Letterer-John Costanza

Same creative team as the previous issues.

Issue Recap:

This issues picks up after the sinking of the Haven. Swampy, Liz and Dennis all find that they are on an island that is recreating old movies such as King Kong, Casablanca, Citizen Kane and such. However the trio find that none of it is real, but the creation of six Vietnam vets who are later forced to reveal themselves. The six were the only survivors of the USS New Hampshire which sunk in the Caribbean.  All of them were exposed to a chemical in Vietnam called "Agent Blue" (I wonder if Sunderland was involved?) which gave them an ability to reshape matter as they desired.  Liz and their leader Cheeto then get into an argument about Vietnam which causes Cheeto to pull a gun and attempt to shoot Liz. However Swamp Thing pushes Cheeto, causing the the bullet to hit Reef one of the other survivors. With Cheeto loosing control of his powers the "island" begins to turn back into the New Hampshire causing it to sink. Reef quickly creates a helicopter which allows him to escape along with Liz, Dennis and Swamp Thing.

Also we learn during the issue's interlude that Dr. Kay and Milton have tracked down Kathy and Feldner at an airport attempting to book a flight to Germany. Fledner attempts to warn Kay but is incinerated by Kathy.


Overall it was a decent story with Swamp Thing fighting the environment rather than a villain. It was a bit strange at the end how Reef made a helicopter for an escape, but they did not rescue Cheeto and the others, who are seen drowning at the end. Perhaps that reason will be reveled next issue.


Interesting plot, but maybe it could have been tied into Sunderland a bit more. I can see them making Agent Blue after the whole mutated space herpes creature from the previous two issues.


Strange choice just to let the vets just die and not rescue them. Kind of reminds me of issue 3 when Swampy just leaves the boy after the town is destroyed.

Not much movement of the overall plot of the series with Kathy, Dr. Kay and Sunderland Corp.

Grade: C+


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Not a bad review and it does try to deal with the demise of the soldiers, which I thought was an interesting touch.  This story is about a bunch of men who become little gods who can manipulate matter to some degree--which isn't a bad premise.  However, the plot seems a bit rushed.  Maybe it could have been better if you delved into the minds of the soldiers to see what makes them tick.  Swampy could have battled more movie monsters.  But here are a few questions the text raises: If they could reconstruct matter, why didn't the vets create floating platforms when the ship was breaking up?  It seems as if they were quickly written out while the story abruptly came to an end.  Also, why couldn't Reef--who took a slug to his chest--dissolve the bullet and heal the wound?  Not sure about this.  By the way, the vet who tried to shoot Liz was not Cheeto.  His specific name was not given (he and Reef were the only two characters I remember over the long years since I read the story).  Maybe he was "Juice," who is a character previously mentioned. Loved your observations.

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