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Swamp Thing #10



Half way to Moore!

Swamp Thing #10

Cover Impressions:

Swamp Thing is entangling Liz and Dennis....as seen at the end of last issue. Kind of a blah cover.




Swamp Thing #10 (February, 1983)

Cover Price: $.60
Title: Number of the Beast
Writer-Martin Pasko
Art-Tom Yates/John Totleben (Cover: Yates)
Editor-Len Wein
Colorist-Tatjana Wood
Letterer-John Costanza

Totleben joining Swamp Thing for the first time as the inker.

Issue Recap:

Continuing on from the previous issue, Dr. Kay (Kripptmann) continues to plead with Liz, Dennis and Swamp Thing to join him in stopping Kathy. Who is on her way to West Germany (ah the good old cold war) to obtain the Pendulum of Ernst von Rhunstedt, which will transform her into the Herald of the Beast (as in the Beast from the Bible). Dr. Kay then tells Swamp Thing that if he helps defeat Kathy, Kay will tell him why Sunderland (and the US Government) is trying to kill him. Swampy reluctantly agrees along with Liz and Dennis.

Later the team arrives in Munich and learns the location of the Pendulum is at Dachau the infamous concentration camp. At Dachau they find Kathy and who is summoning the spirit of von Rhunstedt causing flashbacks and apparitions of the horrors of the camp during WW II. Kathy learns that the Pendulum is located in Berchtesgaden and quickly leaves the heroes. After Kathy leaves the apparitions begin to fade and the team learns that Dr. Kay is no Nazi but a former inmate of Dachau.

Also in this issue Grasp and Gen. Sunderland continue to track the team to West Germany. Grasp then flies to Munich to kill Swamp Thing and Dr. Kay.


Another solid issue. We learn that Kathy is trying to become the Herald of the Beast and unleash him into the world. Pretty good use of horror in this issue with the creepy images of Dachau during WWII. I'm looking forward to see where this all going.


 Finding out that Dr. Kay may actually be a sort of good guy, rather than a Nazi.

Dennis and Liz almost have a love connection in Munich...but is spoiled by the ravings of Feldner about Kathy.

Swamp Thing is shipped to Munich in a crate...no respect for the title lead.



Grade: B



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