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Have these slabs been tampered with?

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  I picked up two slabs from ebay because they were very reasonably priced. They are in good shape, but there are markings that border the book itself in the plastic enclosure. I am pretty new to collecting cgc certified books but I do have a few purchased from reputable comic stores and none of those have any of these sort of markings. Are these signs of a case that has been tampered with, or are these commonly seen in some slabs that have been through a process that I'm not familiar with? I hope the images show the markings off clearly. I sure hope they have not been tampered with as that would really suck. I should add that both of the books added to my registry set successfully with the cert. numbers on the label. They are not really expensive books or anything so I don't really suspect counterfeit books, but it just looks like the cases have been opened to me. Again, I'm not sure what the deal is here so hopefully someone can shed some light. Thanks.



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I just looked at some of mine and they have those marks too. Must be from the manufacturing process.

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What your pointing too appears to be the mylar that is sealed around the comic.  If you are comparing the new comics received vs. other CGC graded comics then you need to look up the certification number to see when it was graded.  CGC recently changed the holders a few months back and the appearance of the mylar seal might look different.  

Not sure if anyone tampered with those CGC holders but looks like the portions you circled are normal.  You usually want to look at the corners of the CGC holders to see if they are cracked.  If the plastic seals on the corners of the case are cracked then it is possible that the comic was tampered with.  Very hard to replace a slabbed comic without causing any damage to the seals on the corners.  Not impossible, but very hard.

Hope that helps, unless I'm missing something then looks like those comics are fine and possibly the new holder, which are the nicest holders in my opinion.  

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What Squad008 said. If there was tampering or a label switch-out, you'd see it at the corners. If you need piece of mind, send it in for reholdering and see what it comes back graded as.

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10 hours ago, SamPool said:

If someone is going to tamper it would be with big money books..

Agree, there is absolutely no reason whatsoever that anyone would tamper with those cases.........

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