Choosing my first CGC submission



or... "How to Choose Your Favorite Child (for encapsulation)".

First a thanks to clouded9 regarding the checkbox for having journals posted to the message boards. I too spend time on the message boards, and have responded in the Journal forum as well, and thought I had with each of my first two journal entries checked the "Post Journal to Message Boards" each time (in fact it appears to be defaulted to checked. I do even go so far as to log in with my board account.

But alas my Journal entries have not made their way to the Journal sub-forum. I will make sure the box is checked this time and see if it appears...

On to the Journaling!

My plan is to submit 5 books of varying ages and grades and values in my first lot to CGC.

1. Planet Comics #61. Raw grade FN to FN+ This is my highest grade raw Planet Comics at the moment, and I'd like to see how close my grade is.

2. Planet Comics 27. Raw Grade VG. This was a cheap buy on ebay, and I want to slab it for collection registration, and if in the future I need to sell it, well encapsulation should make for an easier sale.

3 & 4. Amazing Spider-Man 119 & 120. Grades of 8.5 & 9.0 Bought on the cheap, and I love these Spidey vs Hulk covers. Have been putting together a 101-200 run, and the HG versions of these issues are steep, so Im submitting my own.

5. Final slot. I have been going back and forth on this. I could submit my last raw Planet comic (#57 sold to me as a VG+ but I think will grade closer to FN- range). Im also a big Green Lantern collector, and have thought about sending in one of my highest grade Lanterns (a VF+ #42), but I think I will wait on that one until some other raw lanterns come in for submission. Im leaning towards a HG Star Wars comic (also working on a run of that) KIts an early one (#14) and looks to be a 9.6 but might pass as a 9.8. So Im thinking to test my eye and see if this book really does come back as a 9.8.

So final count: 2 Planet Comics, 2 Amazing Spider-Mans and a Star Wars. All books I already have slabbed collections started, all books that I intend to keep for a while. All bought cheep enough that a later sale should "break even" or close to cover the slabbing costs.

As others have said. Your first submission is a learning experience. And the cost of your first slabbing is like the cost of tuition.




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