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Lessons Learned on the Chopping Block... I meant Auction Block.



Mandatory teaser? No thanks, I'm no bully and I kinda like you people.

So I have a batch of books I put in a December auction and the universe decided it was time for me to learn a lesson with the first 2 silver age books that just ended last night.

Sub-Mariner 1 CGC 9.4 ended at $304.55 (which is almost $100 below the 12 month average for this book at this grade according to GPAnalysis) and Daredevil 7 CGC 7.0 ended at $194.50 ( almost $60 below the annual GPA average for this book at this grade)

The lessons learned are:

1. Don't auction/consign books during the Holiday shopping season (I already had a feeling about this, but this was the last month of the NO SELLER FEES special that was being offered.) I guess the idea of focusing funds on buying gifts for others this time of year takes many potential bidders out the equation and less competition/bidders means less demand and equals lower realized prices on the books at auction. I saw this coming, but gambled anyway.

2. Maybe NO RESERVE auctions are not for me on my headlining books. Maybe my next batch of books I flip will have a reserve or a pre-set minimum bid for the bigger ticket items rather than starting at $1.

I barely made anything on these "flips" (more like flops this time) to the tune of only about 14% profit on these 2 books.

Here is to hoping the rest of my books in this auction do better and a big CONGRATULATIONS to the winners of these books that scored big time.

To see a list of my books in auction that end tonight you can head over to the CGC Forum on the message boards and look at the last board "Comics Market - Sales Advertising - Ebay, Dealers, etc." and you can find my thread titled "NoReserve! CGC Bronze/Copper Age X-Men, TMNT, Daredevil, Spidey, & more END SOON" there is a link to the auction pages.(The link is was trying to use kept getting corrupted)

Good luck and happy hunting!

I'm going to work now.



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