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Good News, Bad News

Entry posted by lpersky · - 3,041 views

really? aw man...

I called CGC today to get an update on where the graders are with modern submissions since I am still awaiting my signature series invoice from Long Beach Comic Con, and the last time the website was updated was on 11/07/11. Per Nicole, they are on 11/01/11, not the 10/18/11 that is posted on the site. So most likely Monday/Tuesday I'll at least know the grades. The bad news... that means the books will ship sometime next week and I used the office address, which will be closed 12/22/11 thru 01/03/12, which sometime inbetween is when central mail and documents will receive my package. I won't have these suckers in my possession until 2012! Great....

Happy Holidays everyone.

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