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Low Content Mode Week, Anagram Style with The Legion!



It's looking like a low content week for the journal, as I have a busy work week ahead of me, so I'll probably be spending it posting some pics of my newest acquisitions.

First up, I got this beauty off of eBay for a great price...


Adventure Comics #267 from December 1959, featuring the second appearance of The Legion of Super-Heroes.  This particular issue only cost me $42 bucks, and it's a killer looking copy, although I'm sure some would balk at the ½" tear that goes through the entire book on the right edge.  I'll still keep my eye out for an upgrade, but I am more than content with this issue for right now, as it gets me one step closer to completing those early Legion appearances.  I'm now only missing 4 of their first 20 appearances, although that last one is going to be painful to the old wallet.

It's a shame though, that they didn't keep the original costumes, as the originals are so much better.


And a big shout-out to @Marwood & I for unknowingly setting the theme for low content mode week!  I so enjoyed his anagramming of Legion members from my Nemesis Kid post last week, that I just have to try it for myself this week.

Here goes...

     Cosmic Boy anagrams to boy comics

That's not to shabby, if a little lazy.

     Lightning Lad anagrams to dangling hilt

That must be where he keeps his lighting rod.

     Saturn Girl anagrams to raring slut

Yikes, how dare the internet anagram maker impugn our beloved Legionnaire like that.  For shame!



Recommended Comments

I'm here @tomo, thanks for the call! :)

Some other anagrams of your fearsome three:

  • Cosmic Boy - I Look Good in Purple
  • Lightning Lad - Landing Light (switch it on, I can't see)
  • Saturn Girl - Girl's a Runt (or Raring Lust!)

I doubt there's an anagram of your own name tomo but that's a moot point :whistle:

If you like anagrams try and guess the board members in the first post here. The answers are in a later post, so no cheating:

I like this journal  :headbang:

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Thanks for the kind words, Marwood.

And if I'd have know that bending the rules was allowed, I would have went with "The fishbowl was better" for Cosmic Boy, lol...

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