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Low Content Mode Week, Anagram Style with Action Comics!



I picked up a couple of early 12¢ Action Comics off of eBay recently to help fill out the run.


Action Comics #290 from July 1962 and Action Comics #306 from November 1963.

I realized long ago that trying to fill out a run of both Action Comics and Superman was going to be a herculean task at best.  With that in mind, I settled on a minimum grade for the 12¢ books to be at least a nice presenting F/VF.  I'll obviously make exceptions, however, if I come across some beaters at a price I can't resist.

I love that cover for #306, as it tells a hell of a story with just one image.  It's got it all...Clark Kent in peril, kryptonite, a 3rd world generalissimo, a cigarette smoking mastermind, the secret identity in jeopardy, etc...  If I can't have world-shaking super-villain fist fights, than these are the type of stories that I really enjoy from the Silver and Bronze Ages.

Anyways, on to the anagram fun!     

     Clark Kent = Tank Clerk

Let's see...Clark is essentially the clerk that handles the routine duties for the tank that is Superman.  I'll buy that.  Fun fact (and  a peek behind the curtain): I use the internet to figure out my anagrams, and so far "Clark Kent" are the letters that have generated the least amount of anagrams, with only 3 total.  That man's in a class by himself!

     Lois Lane = Los Alien

My spanish is rusty, but that means the alien, right?

     Action Comics = Iconic Mascot

That makes a lot sense, seeing as how this title birthed the original superhero!





Recommended Comments

You're getting quite good at these @tomo :applause:

Never liked Lois Lane - she was 'all noise'.

And as for kryptonite, well we all know that was just a 'pork entity'.


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