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One More Purchase

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john ivic


Whew!!! Time to take a break from comic buying before I bankrupt myself. No more books until 2018. All in all, I had one of my best years ever for acquisitions. Maybe the best. I raised my total registry points from 64,000 to 77,000. Speaking of points, this one is worth an impressive 850. Fourth appearance of the new X-Men. I'll get back to the journals next year. Enjoy.


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I read through your blog and you've got some nice books!  I'm sort of collecting along the same lines as you, but I read all the way back to the very first blog entry here and I can't quite nail down what you're doing?  What registry are you earning points in?  Is the theme Adams books?  How does the X-men 96 give you registry points for that?  Can you straighten me out on what you're doing?


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