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How does this turn into this turn into THIS?

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I had purchased a BATMAN ADVENTURES #12 CGC 9.6 of ebay. I then purchased grader notes for the book after inspecting the book and not finding one spine crease and couldn't figure out why it was a 9.6. The notes stated there was a slight bend on back cover. I finally found it and it was not color breaking. I had sent it in to CCS  for fast track pressing and fast track grading and CCS received it on 2/24/2017. On 04/12/2017 I had called CCS to find out why it had not been pressed yet because status still showed at CCS. I was told it was finalized on 04/05/2017 and someone would look into it and call me back later that day to give me more info. By 04/014/2007 I had still not received a call and it was still showing at CCS. So I called again and Cynthia said she would look into it and call me back. Nope no call back. Monday I called for the 3rd time and someone said that Cynthia would have to call me back. I then receive an email from her saying she tried to call my number on file(which is the correct number) and it was out of service and would not let her leave a message. Even though I have had the same number for 15 years and had called them from that number. She said it was sent to CGC in a large volume order and would was found. It graded at 9.6 again, now with different grader notes stating spine stress lines? I send an email in asking how this is possible and send in picks of both covers showing that one the dc logo is clearly a 1/4 inch higher on one book and asking for a response no gets back to me I call for a manager and never get in touch with one. Looking at the book I can see its clearly not the book I sent in by the cut of cover and its in no way a 9.6! So instead of sending in for a regrade in original case like I did the last time, I crack the case carefully place in bag and board in side a top loader in a mailer box inside a usps box. Send in to get pressed again and regraded and it comes back a 9.2? Which is about what it looked like the book they originally send me back looked like. This process took close to 8  months only for me to end up with a Batman adventures (.2 that should have been a 9.8 and PS the 9.2 gave no grader notes? Needless to say I am not happy!

s-l1600 (2).jpg

2017-10-04 00.38.20.png

2017-10-11 14.21.57.png


2017-10-11 14.32.43.png

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I used CCS twice. The first time the book didn't look like it was pressed. The second time I sent in a book, it was ruined. They did refunded most of what I had into the book, but in the end, I owned a low grade overpriced book. Needless to say I found another presser. 2017 seems to be a particularly tough year for grading for CGC and inconsistency has always been an issue. Recently I sent in 4 books that had been graded previously by CGC (all 9.6) - the second time I got back a 9.8, a 9.6, a 9.4 and a 9.2. Not really terrible but bothersome. What bugs me most about your story is the difference in the pics of the comics.

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I feel for you ! but high grades is so subjective, on any given day it could be graded different....

even worse is with coins NGC can give an MS 69 or an MS 70 or even an MS65 to any newly minted coin but

one would need tto put the coin in front of he Hubble space telescope to tell the difference

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CCS seems to have turned into assembly line pressing since it was assimilated by CGC.  I only use them when I have no other choice due to the circumstances of the book(s) I'm submitting.  My 2c would be to find someone who 1. knows what they're doing with pressing and 2. can take their time doing it.

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I use Avery Comic Pressing.  They can submit your comics to CGC or CBCS after pressing. One thing that i like about them, they show you before and after photos of you comic before they submit it for grading.

- Joel

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The stress lines on the spine may not have been visible from the front, but pressing brought them onto the front cover, making them more evident to the eye. The 9.2 definitely shows more artwork on the left side of the cover than the 9.6.

I've seen books go the other way when visible stress lines have been moved onto the spine itself via pressing and slightly realigning the spine.

Theoretically it shouldn't impact the grade, as there are stress lines either way, but it doesn't always work that way.

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I've never even thought about a pressing moving stress lines off of the spine and onto one of the covers, good catch.  Another pressing quirk to take into account for the future.

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It doesnt even look like the same book! The lettering, and comics code is farther down on the book on the 9.2. Does pressing change the length of the cut from the top of the book to the lettering? 

I would be pizzed! 

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Darn! I just submitted a book for pressing through CGC, it’s a 1:500. Hope it comes back ok. Didn’t know that CCS was having problems. Don’t know of any other pressing companies..

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