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New Gods Kirby Run

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Alright, Alright, Alright! Managed to score a number 4 of New Gods at 9.0 for a good price, under $50.

I do not have a raw copy of this issue or even a beat up copy. Good thing I have the black and white trade copy from several years ago. 

So far I have two slabbed New Gods issues from Jack Kirby's original run. Debating whether to get the "Return of" issues and in no rush.

I do have a couple of raw issues of the Forever People from the same time but no slabs. That will change soon. 

Here is a question: why was there never a crossover with OMAC and the New Gods? This would have been an idea to see where it would go.


Update: 01/12/18

I am about half way with my New Gods Kirby run. Have decided to send in my raw books. Not sure about a third raw book but I love the series and will get it slabbed.

There are some readable copies I do have on hand somewhere. Did not realize there were at least three copies of #9 in my possession along with a #7. I will find more as I look back through my collection. 

And my OMAC run is slowly closing on the gaps. May find my John Byrne OMACs and get them slabbed as well. That is for a later time.


Update: 04/12/18 

I have a New Gods 1 graded at 8.0. I am pleased but hoping for a 9.0. 8.0 is good.I have a number 8 graded at 6.0. The seller I bought it from neglected to tell me about water stain on the back inside page. Live and learn. I a couple of issues of 7 that I will look over to see which on is the best to send. That is later this month.


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Just a thought- OMAC came along a couple of years after New Gods was cancelled.  I think at that point the conventional wisdom (at DC or maybe even from Jack?) was that the marketplace didn't want big interconnected crossovers.  The New Gods / Forever People / Mister Miracle / Jimmy Olsen tetralogy  had crashed and burned for whatever reason, and the surviving books Mister Miracle, Demon, Kamandi, etc. were largely done-in-1's.  I remember the lettercolumns of Kamandi had fans speculating that the Kamandi World After Disaster was the result of the final battle between the New Gods and Darkseid, but that was just fanfic speculation.  Even the subsequent tie-in between OMAC and Kamandi was a post-Kirby retcon.  

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A follow up of sorts on OMAC. The Bug! limited series picked up the storyline. I thought it was neat to get some closure and Mike Allred doing the art too!

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