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Buying Collections



The luck of the draw.

As of late I have been finding I only buy one out of every four or five collections I visit. Why so little? Because most collections I have been finding nowadays are overpriced 90s .

An example: Earlier today I went to see a collection described to me as ranging from 50s on up and consisting of 12 long boxes. Owner bought them at a storage locker auction and wanted a grand. I arrive and look through the collection. It ends up being two silver age comics, no golden age followed by 11 boxes of late 80s to 90s comics.

I personally can not see anyone paying a grand for 11 boxes of 90s comics. Does anyone else have this problem?

I used to drive up to two and half hours to see a collection. As of late the distance is gettting smaller and smaller due to so many collections I see being 1990s stuff even after I explain that I am not intersted in 90s stuff.

Okay I will end my rant. Thanks for listening.

On a side note, I did pick up a collection lately that contained a raw Tomb of Dracula 1 that I graded as a 9.6! Its at CGC right now so hopefully it comes back near that mark!

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