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Getting started!




I have been browsing the forums for about a year prior to starting an account. I wanted to chronicle getting back into my favorite hobby. The goal of this journal is to keep me motivated in reshaping my collection (more below) and setting up my home office display!


I'm a 39 year old living in Austin, TX. My older brother and uncle got me into comics as a kid. My favorites were marvel comics and especially Spider-man. I would buy, read, than store my comics, and than read some more. I really enjoyed them as a collecting hobby and for their entertainment value. I still believe to this day comics greatly expanded my vocabulary as a child (tons of adjectives!). As I got older, working jobs, going to school, etc comics took a back seat and I stopped purchasing. Every time I moved, I lugged around my 4 long boxes of comics as I still cherished them, but really stopped reading them. The 90's really killed my interest in comics. Multiple gimmick covers, rising cover prices, subpar storytelling (in my view), bad art and lame new characters (looking at you, Leifeld) really left me feeling like comics had jumped the shark.


Fast forward to the last year or two. I started browsing eBay again, looking at comics. I found this forum and started reading the chats, looking at items for sale... and I want back in! I yearn for the nostalgia and now have more disposable income to continue my hobby. I am married with a awesome corgi (Dexter) and have a house. We have a room dedicated as an office, which my wife will let me use to display my comics and hold my collection. It won't be a dedicated man-cave, but this is fine with me!


So right now the office is a bit of a mess. We just had contractor come out as my wife (a graphic designer) wants a functional office for us both. She works from home full time and I usually work from home as well. More on that in another entry...

My collection:

It is a mix of Silver Age to Copper Age. My main interests are Silver and Bronze age super-hero, though Golden Age and possibly horror are looking interesting... I am going to ballpark and say between 1200-1500 comics total. I store most of my comics in a filing cabinet as my wife saw other collectors doing this on Pinterest. After reading a lot of posts, I am going to do the once unthinkable... I am going to sell the majority of my comics and use the funds to purchase more keys. I don't read my comics nearly as much as I used to and think if I can 'flip' my collection into one or a few comics, I would be happier as I renew my hobby.

So my first step that I just undertook was dividing my collection up. I have formed two long boxes of NM to reader copy comics, trying to sell them all in bulk. I listed them locally for about .50$ each, but selling all together only. Immediately got a lowball offer for about 15% of what I had them listed at. My price isn't set in stone, but I won't even reply to an offer like that as it irked me. One of my main goals of this journal is to keep me going in selling my comics, tips and advice from other boards on how to sell, etc.

I'm probably dragging on so I'll leave it here for now. Attached are a few pics of my new purchases, my cabinet and some of my comics! 







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