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A little history... And a plug.. From Chuck

Entry posted by Aweandlorder · - 350 views

Before we continue to the next installment, a little introducion to how the pump n dump machine worked back in the 80s from Chuck himself (Taken from Mile High Futures quarterly catalog dating September 1988)



I thought it would be interesting for new speculators to read how hyping books was done back then, even though its obvious from Chuck's own
writing, that the agenda to expose this scam was for him to make more $$$
So even there, nice try chuck, but no cigar 

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I'd be interested to know how many dealers/publishers partook in that activity. I know that Adventure had a deal with someone re Adventurers #1 that was later exposed and I'm sure many others did too. Nowadays everything shifted to eBay on a much much smaller scale but the roots of pumping n dumping were in the those mid-late 80s years

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