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Nice acquisition and meeting The Man

john ivic


Picked this one up today at the Niagara Falls Comic Con. An awesome 9.2 that looks more like a 9.4. And on top of that, Neal Adams, the artist of this cover, was there. Chatted him with a bit and bought a reprint book of Deadman stories from Strange Adventures, which he signed. This was my third meeting with him at a show. Also, for the first time, a finally met Jim Steranko here today. Very nice guy. Anyways, enjoy.




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Sterenko is great. Just seems like a total class act. How Hollywood never grabbed him for mob movies is an injustice.

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Neal Adams is also a class act.  The first time I met him he would not accept any money for his autograph. The second time the following year he did accept five bucks. The only other artist or writers that have refused payment for an autograph I've talked to were Joe Staton and believe it or not Stan Lee!

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