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More Tales of Suspense and a Grail

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Between work and a newborn been very busy. Not too busy to buy but too busy to have the time to catalogue, scan, and post. I usually scan at night but as sleep has been at a premium lately I have been opting for bed rather than the glow of a computer screen. But I will try to get caught up over the days and weeks to get back on track. I'll be posting chronological from when I bought the books based on memory. 

TOS 40 $110 2.0 EBay

TOS 43 $82 2.0 LCBS

Avengers 4 $375 1.8 Online Auction

$19198 remaining

79/250 books

TOS 40~01.jpg

TOS 43~01.jpg

Avengers 4~01.jpg

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Enjoy these days. The days of a newborn seem very long with an abundance of sleepless nights  but surprisingly I assure you it goes very fast. Time eludes all of us. Cheers and God bless you and your family. 

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