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Ditch Fahrenheit's Journal

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Ditch Fahrenheit


Teaser: Mind Blowing Fun For Everyone.

Welcome to the newest incarnation of my chatroom. :)


As usual:

If you can find this chatroom, you can post here.

All are welcome.

Anything goes.

Nonsense is strongly encouraged.


Typical areas of coverage: comic books, movies, television shows, music, theater, philosophy, bugs, brewing science, twerking, humorous pics and gifs, yada yada, you know...the usual.


Thanks for reading.

Drive safe and have fun.

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This must be the place we go to when we're dead, it feels strange to be here - some accident must have happened hm The last thing I remember was driving at night, it was raining hard - couldn't really see if a big truck was getting close or if it just was the street lights.

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