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I'm the only one that owns it....I'm probably the only one that cares.



Neutro may not be the most memorable comic character to most collectors but to me it is one of my most cherished books.

When I was a kid traveling back and forth from Connecticut to Maine with my family this Dell one shot was read and re-read by me on several of those trips. I just loved the Jack Sparling artwork and his ability to portray a giant robot with skill and expertise.

The expertise of Sparling sparked my interest in aquiring the cover art to my favorite book and my search had begun.

When I was an avid teen collector "The Buyers Guide for Comic Fandom" was the "Ebay" of my generation. Hundreds of sellers offering their wares in a tabloid bi-weekly rag that offered almost every kind of comic related item of the day. It was here that I learned of "Collectors Showcase" auctions and thus zipped off my name and address in order to be on their mailing list of frequent phone auctions.

After several auctions had passed I recieved the listing that would make my day. It was an auction that was offering original art of which, lo and behold, one piece was my "Grail". Luckely I happened to win the item with a high bid of a whopping $25.00 and the piece was finally mine of which I present here in it's cropped form due to the size constraints of my scanner bed along with the high grade comic of which, Canadian cyber-buddy, Greg Loey(Greggy)had recently aquired for me.



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