Professor Pecora IS 2-T.O.N.E.

Professor Pecora


So what has The Professor been up to since his last journal post on November 6, 2013...?

First, after I decided to liquidate my entire CGC collection due to personal and financial reasons back in November of 2013, I made some major life changes.

With that said, I know many of you have been wondering what happened with me or just wondering what I've been up to in the last 6 months?

Well, I will keep this short and sweet! I used some of the proceeds from my last CGC auction to begin my own record label in Atlanta, which is 2nd Life Entertainment, LLC. I also began the process of recording many of my songs that will be featured on my debut album entitled "2 Sides to Everything."

On March 20, 2014, I released my first single under my label entitled Organic Flow! It is currently available for purchase through iTunes, CD Baby and Amazon MP3.

I have always loved Hip-Hop since a young adolescent, just as I have loved collecting comic books. However, writing songs and performing has always been the more powerful constant in my life, to the point of it being a true-calling! With that said, I am now embarking on that journey and starting my own empire from the ground up!

I would love for all of you reading my update to please follow and support me. I have currently submitted Organic Flow to be featured on the next Coast 2 Coast Mixtape, which boasts the most downloaded Mixtapes "Worldwide!" However, only the Top 5 songs that receive the most VOTES will actually be featured on the upcoming Mixtape!

I am currently holding down the #6 spot, and I'm only about 10 votes away from moving into the #5 spot! Therefore, I could use the support of all of my CGC family to help boost my overall votes!

To cast your vote for my song, you will either need a Facebook account or a Twitter account. Here is the info:

ALL VOTES must be submitted by Friday, May 2, 11:59 pm EST

Directions: Click on the link BELOW (or copy and paste into your web browser), then click on the VOTE NOW button, then WAIT for the 10 second video promo ad to count down to zero, then click on "Vote with Facebook" or "Vote with Twitter" - whatever you prefer.

At this point your vote should be submitted successfully and I will receive an instant e-mail confirmation with your name on the ballot! Here is the website to cast your vote:

In addition, please feel free to visit my official website at:

The full website design will be completed soon, but my active Splash Page contains all of the links to my social media and online music stores.

Please reach out to me directly if you have any further questions, etc. I am looking forward to hearing back from some of you, as it has been a while since we last chatted!

Wishing you well,


Professor Pecora,

AKA Thomas 2-T.O.N.E. Pecora


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