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To Be Continued - Those three dreaded words



Before the introduction of the local comic shop, as a small town youth in the 60's, the comic world initially seemed so simple and it all wrapped up neatly for me. I would travel with my mom to the grocery and drugstore and check the comic rack and get 2 comics for my quarter.

DC and Marvel both seemed to neatly wrap up a story line in a single issue. Then came spring of 1964....I went to the grocery store and started to look through the comic section and I see 2 of my favorites - Fantastic Four #25 with an awesome Hulk vs Thing battle cover and Spider-Man 11 with Doc Ock.

I get home and start reading , great stories and I am totally hooked then it happens ......Continued next Issue - both issues...What!!!

So the dreaded wait begins ... the grocery store and drugstore in town only carried a few copies of each title so if your timing was off you were totally stranded. I checked the comic rack in the stores for weeks each time my mom went to town for groceries and thankfully I found FF26 (but had to wait till the late 80's to finally get ASM 12).

I think back and it reminds me of the search thrill I still get when looking for that book I need to fill a spot in my collection. It's funny how the excitement and feeling you have when you acquire a wanted book today can take you back to another time.

Thanks for reading..


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