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Where have the journals been? OK, I'm writing this for all of you who miss reading journals as much as I do. So, I celebrated my birthday last week. Cmon, dont get personal and ask how old...just know that Im feeling my age, lol.

My loving wife of 24, she is not 24, we have actually been married for that long...gave me a small budget to buy myself a comic. She knows I love comics, but doesnt have a clue what I would want so I am totally cool with getting it myself. :)

Anyway, the book I chose is a CGC 9.6 copy of Avengers 137 which features the Beast and Moondragon agreeing to join the team. Ive always liked this cover and as I looked at the date of publication I realized, hey this book features an Xman appearance the month before the reprints ended with Xmen 94. This means it will be added to my Xmen the Missing Years set!

When I first considered this issue for the set I left it out because I figured if the Xman was part of the team, ala the Champions, then it didnt really count as an appearance per se. Im waivering on that a little with the addition of Avengers 137, but my logic is that Beast didnt join the team until the end of the issue AND it features Toad, kind of, who is an Xvillain, so you know what...Im counting it. Issue 136 was a reprint of Amazing Adventures 12 so Im standing firm on not adding that one.

So pretty cool right? New book for my birthday and my favorite comic book set! OK, thats all Ive got for now. Tag Tnerb or bagofleas, or any others who are willing to write the next journal, you are it.

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