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My CGC Experience - Education and Patience



I have been active with CGC submissions for a little over 2 years now.

As i have stated before I have collected for over 50 years now .. certainly not as sophisticated a collector as a lot of you , but someone who read and loved comics in the early 60's and kept going back to it after small lulls every few years. The forums and discussions here are great and have been educational for someone like me who before this age of automation looked forward to the yearly Overstreet update to try to learn more.

I appreciate the culture here of sharing ideas and people sharing their vast knowledge with those of us who are less savvy and i do get a kick out of the occasional sarcastic joking and find myself getting a good laugh at some thoughtful humor.

I've learned about restoration, found as I was submitting my raw books the last couple years that a few key books I purchased as non-restored had color touch or in one case had married pages.

I've recently started submitting a few of my moderns that I had purchased at my LCS in the 80's and early 90's - these ware books that were purchased, bagged and boarded immediately and stored. Out of the first 10-15 i had submitted I only received 1 9.8 (thankfully it was ASM 361) the rest were primarily 9.4 with a one 9.6 .

After much research and reading posts here I decided to try an experiment with pressing route so now I have 37 books in the process and this is where I am learning a little patience. I started submitting early April and my first 17 just hit the grading process. I am hopeful it goes well and hopefully patience will be rewarded with some great grades. I think in this age of instant gratification the process of learning patience may actually be a good thing for some of us.

Thanks again for reading and thanks to everyone here for your many contributions and sharing your knowledge with us


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