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How Did This Book Become So Hot?

john ivic


I've always liked the cover of this particular issue of Sub-Mariner. So when it turned up for auction on ebay a week ago, I decide to go for it. I put in a bid earlier today for $265, the auction ending at 9:30pm est. I figured the book was worth no more than that amount, my bid being the 23rd. Well, when it was all over, there had been 36 bids and the winning amount was...……$676.66!?!?! It happens to be a pedigree copy, but still. Is Tiger Shark going to appear in a movie or something? The last 9.2 CGC copy sold in a Comic Link auction a little over a year ago for $132.




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Maybe rumor is out that the next Wolverine movie will be centered on the Spore storyline??  Tiger Shark does some solid work in that.

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