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Superman: Funeral for a Friend

I've been building the perfect beast that is my CGC Death and Return of Superman set, going on 12 years now. My set is an assemblage of subsets, including the "Doomsday!" and "Reign of the Supermen!" chapters, along with all the multiple printings of the various issues, Platinum Editions (Superman #75, Adventures of Superman #500), and Collector's Editions.


Another subset, or beast, is the "Funeral for a Fried" chapter, a collection of nine books that tell the story of a world without a Superman. I consider this to be the best chapter of the saga, with those closest to Superman mourning with the citizens of Metropolis, other characters in the DC Universe, President Clinton and the rest of the world. With the exception of Superman: The Man of Steel #21, each cover is fantastic. Outlined with a black boarder, these books are a challenge to find in 9.8 grade. I scored Superman: The Man of Steel #20 recently, now I'm only three issues away from having all the first prints in 9.8 holders. 

Requiescat in pace, Superman.



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The JLA #70 is on it's way to Sarasota for a new holder. I found Adventures #498 raw, it's one of my favorite books that I've submitted, I still can't believe my luck, those black covers are not forgiving when it come to defects. As for Man of Steel #20, I paid way more than I should have, but I really needed it, at least the book itself is very sharp, plus it’s a great cover.

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