Gold Key Comics - UK Price Variants

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Gold Key Comics - UK Price Variants

Hello Reader :)

Here is a summary of the Gold Key UK Price Variants that I have discovered hiding between the dates of March 1973 and November 1975. If you'd like to know more about them, please click the picture below and you'll be magically transported to the discussion thread in which we talk about them:

          Pointer.png.09f883c1adafd20b6f14391af8eee02e.png.b2de77dec72db04bdea54e735c1af30e.png  229199484_goldkey(2).thumb.jpg.b57db00df2586dc35607acf37b49a5f2.jpg


Meanwhile, here is an up to date summary of what I have discovered so far, which I hope you will find interesting.

Notes and Observations

  1. 119 single priced Gold Key UK price variants have been found to exist between the cover dates of March 1973 to November 1975 inclusive. The total number of cents priced comic titles existing across those dates are too numerous to list – the salient point is that only 8 titles have pence copies
  2. The first known pence priced copies are Pink Panther #11 and Tweety and Sylvester #69 cover dated March 1973 and priced at 6p
  3. The last know pence priced copies are Pink Panther #30 and Star Trek #35, cover dated November 1975 and priced at 8p
  4. Of the scores of titles in scope, only the following 8 are confirmed as having one or more UK price variant:
    1. Beep Beep the Road Runner #35-54 (16 confirmed pence priced issues)
    2. Boris Karloff Tales of Mystery #46-64 (17 confirmed pence priced issues)
    3. Pink Panther #11-30 (18 confirmed pence priced issues)
    4. Ripley’s Believe it or Not! #39-58 (17 confirmed pence priced issues)
    5. Star Trek #18-35 (12 confirmed pence priced issues)
    6. Tom and Jerry #270-300 (7 confirmed pence priced issues)
    7. Tweety and Sylvester #29-51 (16 confirmed pence priced issues)
    8. Yosemite Sam #13-32 (16 confirmed pence priced issues)
  5. All known pence copies are priced at either:
    • 6p - cover dates March 1973 to June 1974 inclusive
    • 7p - cover dates July 1974 to July 1975 inclusive
    • 8p - cover dates August 1975 to November 1975 inclusive
  6. No other cover prices are known to exist
  7. All known pence copies are standard sized issues – no oversize copies are known to exist (e.g. double size / giant sized / annuals)
  8. As a rule, the only difference between a pence priced Gold Key copy and its cents priced equivalent is the price - the indicias and all other aspects are the same in both editions. The only exception to this is for the following seven pence priced issues which are missing the ‘16 Page Fun Catalogs’ found in their US cents priced equivalent issues. Their covers are also missing the ‘fun catalog’ cover wording and have masthead banners noting the comic title instead where applicable:
    • Beep Beep the Road Runner #40
    • Boris Karloff Tales of Mystery #51
    • Boris Karloff Tales of Mystery #58 (this copy is missing the bottom right corner advert of the US version)
    • Ripley’s Believe it or Not! #44
    • Yosemite Sam #18
    • Beep Beep the Road Runner #47
    • Ripley’s Believe it or Not! #51
  9. For the title Tom and Jerry pence priced issues have only been found between issues #270 to 276, despite the title having eligible issues up to and including issue #300. It is possible that pence copies ceased with issue #276, dated November 1973, so as not to clash with an existing UK produced comic titled ‘Tom and Jerry Weekly’ (first issue dated October 1973). The total absence of pence issues between #277 and 300 supports this theory
  10. Given its popularity, the title Star Trek has been researched at length by various collectors over the years and the list of missing pence issues is widely accepted as being accurate. Consequently, pence copies are not believed to exist for issues #21, 24, 27, 30, 32 and 34 
  11. Five of the 8 titles have ‘one on, one off’ gaps towards the end of their pence runs where two pence issues are absent over a five consecutive issue period. For example, Beep Beep the Road Runner has the following pattern:
    • #50 – 7p
    • #51 – no pence copy found
    • #52 – 8p
    • #53 – no pence copy found
    • #54 – 8p
  12. The same pattern exists for the titles Boris Karloff, Ripley’s Believe it or Not, Star Trek and Yosemite Sam leading to the theory that the pence copies are absent by design
  13. It is not currently known who was responsible for distributing Gold Key Comics in the UK and few copies have been found to exist around the applicable dates with ‘L Miller & Co’ or ‘Thorpe & Porter’ price stamps in evidence

Happy hunting, if you decide to build a set!



By Stephen Cranch based on v2.5 of the ‘Gold Key Comics – UK Price Variants Summary




Here are eight cover examples - one from each known title :)


1741951243_BeepBeepTheRoadRunner40(Dec73)6p.thumb.jpg.2e07d0de90b733ab647e7ea6b22a5d86.jpg 1251250376_BorisKarloffTalesofMystery51(Dec73)6p.thumb.jpg.000e4cf8fd1fc917907d29e49e011d13.jpg 1600930709_RipleysBelieveItOrNot49(Aug74)7p.thumb.jpg.4a493ba1d84f62a7d2b785d58d9385b9.jpg

1716813563_ThePinkPanther13(Jul73)6p.thumb.jpg.c8c2a47b7f80d7ca1f5b5de2b902edb7.jpg 2077434822_StarTrekGoldKey35(Nov75)8p.thumb.jpg.3e3ab76753be94aa41e38be068032bf6.jpg 767954662_TomandJerry274(Sep73)6p.thumb.jpg.d5641cb43538a77b303be6db20014d46.jpg

907038257_TweetyandSylvester38(Jul74)7p.thumb.jpg.8860f2ed84c669711a6f4f79ec9aa3c5.jpg 44674291_YosemiteSam25(Dec74)7p.thumb.jpg.31274cdd078a3d0451b65e7952da2f8e.jpg

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