King Comics - UK Price Variants

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King Comics - UK Price Variants

Hello Reader :)

Here is a summary of the King Comics UK Price Variants that I have discovered hiding between the dates of August 1967 and November 167. If you'd like to know more about them, please click the picture below and you'll be magically transported to the discussion thread in which we talk about them:



Meanwhile, here is an up to date summary of what I have discovered so far, which I hope you will find interesting.

Notes and Observations

  1. 20 single priced King Comic UK price variants have been found to exist between the cover dates of August 1967 to November 1967 inclusive. Across those dates, a total of 24 cents priced comics exist spanning 6 titles
  2. The first known pence priced copies are Beetle Bailey #61, Blondie #171, Flash Gordon #7, Mandrake the Magician #7 and The Phantom #24 all priced at 10d
  3. The last know pence priced copies are Blondie #174, Flash Gordon #10, Mandrake the Magician #10 and The Phantom #27 all priced at 10d
  4. Of the 6 titles in scope, all are confirmed as having one or more UK price variant:
    1. Beetle Bailey #61-64 (#61, 62 and 63 confirmed, priced 10d)
    2. Blondie #171-174 (all confirmed, priced 10d)
    3. Flash Gordon #7-10 (all confirmed, priced 10d)
    4. Mandrake the Magician #7-10 (all confirmed, priced 10d)
    5. The Phantom #24-27 (all confirmed, priced 10d)
    6. Popeye #88-91 (#90 confirmed, priced 10d)
  5. The title Jungle Jim commences with issue #5, is cover dated December 1967, and therefore misses the pence date range by one month. It’s cover date of December 1967 also coincides with the move from 12c to 15c for US priced editions and may have a bearing on why the pence copies ceased
  6. All known pence copies are priced at 10d – no other cover prices are known to exist
  7. All known pence copies are standard sized 12c issues – no oversize copies are known to exist (e.g. double size / giant sized / annuals)
  8. The only difference between a pence priced copy and its cents priced equivalent is the price – no other elements differ and the indicias are the same in both editions
  9. UK price variants are expected to exist for the issues outstanding for Beetle Bailey and Popeye although copies for the latter title are extremely scarce
  10. It is not currently known who was responsible for distributing King Comics in the UK

Happy hunting, if you decide to build a set!



By Stephen Cranch based on v1.4 of the ‘King Comics – UK Price Variants Summary’





Here are six 10d cover examples - one from each known title :)


1149891011_BeetleBailey61(August1967)10d.thumb.jpg.35d8a98f473effccf58fb8efb6ec24f4.jpg 1203274856_Blondie173(October1967)10d.thumb.jpg.492208aea5ee7ba7ae1389e59d7b6430.jpg  1550910037_FlashGordon7(August1967)10d.thumb.jpg.808a35612f2ef3054d457082c6a2437b.jpg 

246264150_MandrakeTheMagician9(October1967)10d.thumb.jpg.d8a6177676f36aaf2c02c846201192d4.jpg 1170903341_Popeye90(October1967)10d.thumb.jpg.bd602d35763465f428229c4bccfd2388.jpg 1250160313_ThePhantom24(August1967)10d.thumb.jpg.7dfb4f25220545cf47ec1213c8f3726e.jpg 


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