The Crimebusters #1/120 - big news!



Big news!!

The first issue is off to the printers for proofing! I'm totally stoked!

I've also been wrestling for awhile with the numbering for this first issue. I really, really want to keep the legacy numbering from Boy Comics, but at the same time, I know there are some (weird) readers who may not even give the series a try if it's got a #120 on the cover. So... I've decided to just print copies with both numbers and let people choose whichever number they want. To be honest, I'm not sure anyone will choose the #120 cover, but I want it on my own copies! I'm still thinking of this as #120, but I'm making a small concession to the masses I by going with standard numbering as well. They can pick the #1 version while I read the #120 version. 

I'm actually going to have a total of four covers. The regular cover will be #1, but there will also be a (Kickstarter exclusive) legacy number variant for the same price with a #120 on the cover. Additionally, Trixie and Chuck will each have their own variant covers; Trixie's will be a #1, while Chuck's will be #120 with the Boy Comics logo. So people can pick whichever cover or number they like best. 

I'll be unveiling the three variant covers over the next three weeks! But as a tease, the Legacy Number Variant with the #120 on the cover is going to be an homage to a classic Infantino cover. 

You can read all about my thoughts on numbering in my latest project update:





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