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Grrrr...I'm getting priced out. Think I'll collect Conan and video games

Westy Steve


Call this a rant, if you like. Crom and Mitra, but I'm seeing stupid prices on things and it's dam irritating!  Books a little nicer than normal...books I turned my nose up on a couple of decades ago...cost as much as I'm willing to spend on a used car for my soon to be college student daughter.  I just don't know that I can enjoy tying that much money up into something that isn't really the very best and/or that I don't find captivating.  Kudos to you guys who got in early and avoided the temptation to sell over the years.   I really do love books with a vintage look to them.  But I can't afford vintage anymore...especially in light of other things I can buy with that money.

I'm having a hard time with the fact that spending $100 can buy me something absolutely beautiful and interesting in other collecting genres, such as vintage video games, but $100 might get me a first appearance of Spidey's black costume in an acceptable grade. Puleez!  I just can't get excited about that...it doesn't move me and it's not rare.  I want rare, beautiful, interesting things.  There comes a point where I refuse to pay big dollars, not even to buy the gems, but (to extend an analogy) not even to buy the agates or the slightly prettier stones.  I feel bad about all of the nice books I sold in the past, and the rising prices continually remind me of those mistakes...this stuff is supposed to be fun, right?  (not jog bad feelings)

I'm just saying I can have fun going to flea markets and actually finding other kinds of collectibles.  But if I want something remotely interesting in the comic book genre, I have to buy it from a wall at a show.  There's nothing in the wild of interest unless I have the luck of a lottery winner.  Tired of that.

On the bright side, I'm still here. I do love my Conans, and I have a head start on a nicer set of those (I have the keys), so I guess that's what I'll pursue moving forward.  I know that the money I spend on them won't be wasted because people collect Conan for the love of the series, not because he's going to be in a movie soon, so maybe if a crash ever comes, they won't take a hit.  Holographic covers, anyone?  And that Barry Smith Artwork looks so freakin' good!  Yeah, that'll be my fix for comics, other than reading low grade good bronze stuff.  And best of all, I won't look at my collection, constantly wondering if I should sell, or not enjoying them because I have so much money tied up on them when I have kids needing school books.

So I'll buy Conans and retro video games.  Because they are cool and still cheap.  I'll be an early adopter in that genre, I guess...




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I hear you.  I just picked up a couple key golden age books I’ve been after for a few years and had to basically accept to pay almost double what they’d go for just 5 years ago.  I think these will be my last big books for a long time.  Low grade bronze is fun like you say, but even those prices can be too high as well.  

Good luck with the games, get em while you can because those are going up and up and up like crazy sometimes way worse than comics in my opinion.  Like some late snes games..  More and more games are showing up at comic cons dealers booths.   Here’s a pic from a comic dealer who recently started doing games!


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 Buy what you like. If comics don't thrill you, sell them and use some of the money on what you like. I haven't been buying many books lately, but have been hunting down some great 1/72 scale armored vehicles from about ten year ago. Most of the companies went out of business as the products were.too expensive for toy stores but have taken on a second life on the secondary market They are hard enough to find to make the hunt fun, but still cheap. Most sell for under $25.

This week I've sold three books on MCS for a $135 profit and spent $15 on a post Dunkirk British tank. The English Army left almost all their armor on the beaches of Dunkirk, and anticipating an imminent invasion, they created all sorts of haphazardly produced armored vehicles,  Few saw actual combat as Uncle Sam leased England a couple thousand of their top of the line tanks, and Hitler turned from the West to the East.

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the mere fact of collecting can be fun and addictive , you just have to readjust your mindset...

you can still buy an old beautiful looking Peace dollar for $20 and when you tire of it you can easily sell it back for $16 not a bad mark-up for a hobby ..

i even went so far at one time that i was collecting one dollar bills !! i had a couple thousand of them and i would flatten them out and stack them ect .. i even thought about buying a bill counter from eBay (they only cost around $75 ) so i could run my bills through them... it was really fun collecting them believe it or not and then when i grew tired of it after a couple years i turned them into the bank lol 

if you want rare there are still many GA comics that are rare and cheap  especially in grade, it's just that nobody wants them (Peter Panda and other funny animal comics for example)

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Man I have been looking for a graded copy of chrono trigger for a bit. Those are freaking sweet. I started collecting vintage Star Wars and find it as expensive as comics so I hear you on the rising cost.

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Sometimes it can be a determined bidder on auction web sites that will run items up. A recent example was on some high grade CGC graded Twilight Zone comics. I bid on 12 issues and was number 2 bidder on 11 of them. I only won issue 2 which was an 8.5 for 51 dollars. It was the lowest graded copy. Most were 9.6 and 9.8's.  I bid in the upper $400's on a number of 9.8's and still lost. This person was willing to spend more than I was. Could have gone higher but that same money on silver age Marvels would benefit my collection a lot more.

Speaking of silver age Marvels I found two titles that were a bargain compared to other Marvels and were buying those for a few years but now the jig is up and I have moved on to other bargains. If you search you can still find good books for decent money.


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