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The Crimebusters - just 5 days left!



A little update here. In the week since we passed $1000, we've pretty much hit a full stop. I think the amount has only gone up by $26 in the last week, with just two new backers. But I had heard that's how these things go, so while it's a bit disappointing, it's not surprising. I am still occasionally getting new "followers' - these are people who have asked Kickstarter to remind them about the project when there are two days left - so it's possible some of those people will back at the end. 

And the end is getting close! Just over five days left at this point. I'm still hopeful that we will at least meet the next stretch goal - we're just $58 short of adding a Squeeks solo 4-page backup story to the comic, which I am really excited about, so fingers are crossed. And if you are interested in getting the Boy Comics Variant Cover, now's your chance! There may not be many or any copies left after the campaign ends, so if this is something you're interested in, I would recommend ordering one before the camapign ends. This is even more true for the Kickstarter Exclusive legacy Number Variant, which is an homage to Flash Comics #92 - this cover is only available through Kickstarter. 

Anyway! no pressure, I just know some people have expressed interest in these, so I wanted to give a reminder that time and supply are both limited. 

I've written a little bit about all this stuff in my latest project update, and also added some new Add-On rewards.  

thanks for all the support! I'm really looking forward to this campaign being over so I can order the comics, then send you the comics, so I can hear what people actually thin about the story! It's nice that it exists, but it's pointless if nobody ever reads it! So I am really looking forward to sending these out.



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